Good feedback for Heir to the Sundered Crown. If you want to read the first draft looky here

‘Four paragraphs in and I can picture it all with the limited description. Why because I can use my own imagination. The language you use, the WAY you use words in your description it is easy for a reader who enjoys this type of genre to picture it and come to their own conclusion visually in their mind and without it hindering the book itself. There is such a thing as too much and I think you have a nice subtle touch that leaves room for peoples imagination to do what is best as well as give us a definite era/time period/ and general character realization.

Okay, was not expecting that from the stooped over haggard woman hahaha. For once I am surprised which is rare when I read these genres on wattpad but enjoyable.

Holy crap that actually was really intense and got me excited and my heart beating. Nothing but Game of Thrones has done in literature except for LOTR. Nicely done friend.’

Some pretty ace feedback for my work in progress

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