Ferran’s early life was one of sorrow and cruelty. The illegitimate son of the Baron of Blackmoor and his mistress, the lady Esmere, Ferran’s life was in mortal danger.

The Baron’s jealous wife took action to destroy her rival by sending word to the Witch hunter’s guild that Esmere had used magic to seduce her husband.

At just one-week old Ferran was snatched from his mother’s arms.

The witch hunters did their work well and Esmere was burnt at the stake. The baby, however, was spared a similar fate after the Baron ordered his personal Nightblade Alther to smuggle the boy to safety.

Alther did as he was commanded and took the baby boy east to the town of Ridderford. There, Ferran was placed in the care of a kindly family. Happiness was short-lived however as at the age of seven the Witch hunters returned.

Angry that the boy had escaped his clutches years earlier, the Witch hunter general Elias Cunning attacked the town. In the fighting that followed, Ferran managed to hide but his foster family were slain.

Alone and vulnerable the boy became a street urchin. Thieving became his only means to survive. It was then that he joined the Fleet Foots.  Whilst he was trying to pickpocket a hooded figure his life changed. The man turned out to be none other than the Nightblade Alther. The man caught the boy and took pity on him.

The Nghtblade took Ferran north to the mage realm of Caldaria. It was there that Alther told Ferran the truth. His mother had been gifted with magic. Over the following months he taught Ferran how to tap into his power. It quickly became obvious that the boy was naturally gifted in spellcraft and so Alther took him to see the masters of the city and seeing his power they took him in.

The following years saw Ferran trained in the city’s schools. His tendency to find trouble and get into scraps with the other children however singled him out to not become a mage but something else, a Nightblade.

For five years he trained until the day came when he was granted the armour and weapon of his creed. In his final test Ferran created the Tourmaline Blade ‘Sunlight’, the blade that would go down in legend.

Years followed and Ferran quickly gained a fearsome reputation. His skills at vanquishing Fell beasts and his daring deeds quickly earned him a reputation. His fame grew until the King himself took an interest. Ferran was hired by the crown to embark on a special mission; one that the King believed would have dire consequences for the realm.

During the mission Ferran discovered that the N’gist cult, long thought dead, had returned and was planning to revive their master, Danon. With the aid of the thief Thrift and a witch hunter called Sophia he learned that the mastermind behind the plot was the corrupted Witch Hunter General Elias Cunning, Sophia’s father.

Ferran and Sophia had fallen in love but she would not believe that her father was a traitor. Due to his own experiences Ferran knew better.

Calling in the support of the Nightblade order, Ferran led an assault against the N’gist stronghold in the Great Wood and used ‘Sunlight’ to defeat the cult’s master, the half Lich lord Zarul.

With the N’gist defeated Ferran then sought out Cunning who was planning on assassinating the king. At a banquet in Sunguard the witch hunter general planned to poison the King. Ferran stopped him just in time.

The two fought and in the King’s throne room Ferran killed the Witch Hunter General. Since that day Ferran and Sophia have avoided one another.

A few years after the incident in Sunguard the King and his entire family was assassinated by the Crimson Blades sparking the events of the Heir to the Sundered Crown.

With no King the Nightblades were forced to return to Caldaria, the only place where magic was allowed to be practised. Ferran refused the summons; instead he continued to hunt the fell beasts.

It was then that he was nicknamed the Rogue Blade.

What happens next is revealed in the Sundered Crown Saga.

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