Kaiden was born in the region which lies to the east of the barony of Kingsford on the southern coast and Lake Estran. The narrow strip of coastline which runs for two hundred miles to the east and the borders of the Fell Forest is known as the Marble Shore. It was that land that Kaiden’s father ruled.

The Marble shore was a wealthy region due to the copious amounts of the sought after rock that gave the area its name. Kaiden’s family lived in a castle which overlooked the shore and guarded the passes north which led to the heart of the realm. As such the region was a dangerous place as petty warlords and raiders from the sea often preyed upon the trade caravans and merchant vessels which frequented the lands roads and coastline.

As a young boy Kaiden was taught the ways of the sword and was taught the lessons of Niveren. He was a bright child and one that was quick to learn. His life was comfortable and safe behind the walls of his father’s castle. That was until the day when the warlord Sendar landed on the Marble shore.

Sendar led a band of mercenary’s called the Bloodswords. The group was comprised of pirates from Yundol, tribesmen from the Great Plains and many vicious men from the forest tribes. They were hell bent on capturing the Marble shores wealth and so launched a campaign of terror which led to the sacking of many of the shores towns and villages.

Kaiden’s father Sir Frederick appealed to the King for help but was told that it would take time for help to arrive. Instead he was ordered to hold the coast until reinforcements could be mustered from Kingsford and a legion dispatched from Bison to the West.

With the Bloodswords quickly advancing upon his castle Frederick had no choice but to lead his men into battle against the vicious raiders.

With just two hundred men Sir Frederick held his castle but in the desperate fighting he was slain by a crossbow bolt through his neck. The man died in his son’s arms, a moment that would shape Kaiden’s destiny forever.

Upon his father’s death Kaiden’s elder brother Duncan assumed the title of Lord of the Marble Shore. Over the next decade the war against the Bloodswords grew more intense as Sendar received support from Yundol warlords from across the sea. The Kings legion battled the invaders and Kaiden’s brother spent much of his rule in battle. Kaiden meanwhile was growing into a man in his own right and was desperate to avenge his father.

He trained every day with the sword until he felt ready. He was twenty and in his prime. With nothing but a simple set of chainmail armour and his trusty sword he set out to find Sendar and end his miserable life.

The warlord was not difficult to find. All he had to do was follow the trail of destruction left by the Bloodswords. He infiltrated Sendar’s camp and brazenly challenged the warlord to mortal combat. The deal being that if he won then the Bloodswords would return to their ships and never return to the Marble Shore.

Impressed by Kaiden’s bravery the arrogant Sendar agreed.

In just two moves Kaiden plunged his sword deep into the warlord’s heart. His stunned followers instantly threw down their weapons and fled. The young man had saved the Marble Shore from ruin.

Instead of being rewarded for his bravery however, his jealous elder brother banished him, forcing him to flee his homeland.

After a year living as a sell sword Kaiden encountered a Knight of Niveren who was on the search for new recruits for the order. Impressed with the young man’s skills the Knight took Kaiden to the priory of Niveren located at Lake Summil. For the next five years Kaiden was trained in the ways of the knights.

Finally he was knighted as Sir Kaiden. His first mission undertaken for the order was the crusade into the Eclin Mountains. During the campaign Kaiden excelled in battle against the fell beasts and un-dead left over’s of the Magic Wars.

In the early days after the royal family was assassinated the Knights of Niveren were used as peacekeepers. Quickly the situation deteriorated across the kingdom and the Knights were quickly overwhelmed. As civil war swept Delfinnia the Knights were forced to retreat back to Lake Summil.

The order did what it could to try and restore the peace. It was decided that the Order would try to remain neutral in the war of claimants and instead focus on keeping order in the realms restive regions.

Kaiden was dispatched to negotiate a truce between the Baron of Retbit and his son who had rebelled against his father and captured a castle on the barony’s border.

Kaiden may be skilled with the sword but diplomacy is not his strong point. His attempts at negotiations ended in failure and the baron had him locked away in Retbit’s dungeons.

In Heir to the Sundered Crown we first meet Kaiden in his jail cell little aware of the events that would follow.

What happens next is revealed in the Sundered Crown Saga.

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