Character Profiles HTTSC Part Three – Sophia Cunning

The only child of the realm’s most feared Witch hunter, Sophia had little choice but to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Born in the city of Balnor, Sophia grew up in a time when fear of magic wielders was high. An assassin wielding magic had tried to kill the King, but had failed thanks to the actions of the King’s Legion. Ever since, the monarch had feared those with magic and reintroduced an old law which forbade the use of magic outside of Caldaria.

Bounties upon mages and spell users living outside of the mage realm of Caldaria were worth small fortunes and so hunting became a profitable business.

Unlike other witch hunters, however, Sophia’s father was not concerned with coin. Instead, he had a long and deep hatred for mages. He blamed them for the ills of the world and most importantly he blamed them for the death of his wife.

Sophia’s mother raised Sophia well and taught her to be strong. As with most Delfin women, Sophia was educated from an early age, being sent to one of Balnor’s academies. There, she  excelled in a wide number of subjects including alchemy.

She loved to learn, but always her father dragged her from her books to instead learn the ways of the bow and the sword. Most importantly he taught her to kill magic users.

At the age of sixteen, Sophia became a fully fledged witch hunter and quickly earned a reputation for successful hunts. To her father’s ire, however, she often chose to spare the magic users life, instead delivering them into the custody of the King’s Legion. Most of those she spared were granted clemency on the grounds of exile to Caldaria.

Compassionate and streetwise, Sophia became a favourite with the people she helped.

In her early twenties she embarked on a hunt that would change her life forever. It wasn’t a hunt for a mage or witch, instead it was a hunt to find one of her fellow witch hunters who had vanished on a job. Rumours that he’d been sighted on the BlackMoor drew Sophia to the case.

As she crossed the BlackMoor on the way back from the futile hunt, she stumbled across a man in distress. It turned out that the man was Ferran of Blackmoor a Nightblade. After aiding the Nightblade they parted ways but it wasn’t long before they re-encountered one another in the town of Ridderford.

In the town she made contact with the local Fleet Foot thieves’ guild in order to get some information. As she met the guild’s leader, a man named Thrift she met with Ferran once more. He too was looking for information, specifically about who had broken into the town’s ancient crypt and stolen a corpse from within.

That same night Ridderford was attacked by a horde of Redcap Goblins. In the confusion of the battle Sophia saved Ferran’s life and a bond was forged between them.

During the adventures they shared they fell in love but their happiness was to be short-lived.

She joined the Nightblade on his hunt for what he thought was a Lich. Instead what they discovered was far worse. The long thought dead N’gist cult had returned and had begun to infiltrate parts of the kingdoms aristocracy and military. To Sophia’s horror her own father had made a deal with the N’gist. In return for assassinating the King the N’gist would use their necromantic magic to restore his beloved first wife to life.

Sophia aided Ferran in destroying the N’gist but when asked to help take down her father she refused. She could not bring herself to murder her own parent. Ferran, however, had no such qualms and did the deed.

She hasn’t spoken to Ferran since. The death of her father brought the Witch hunters guild to ruin and so Sophia made her way north to Caldaria where she seeks redemption from the magic users she helped her father hunt and kill.

Caldaria is where we first meet Sophia in Heir to the Sundered Crown. Her skills will be put to the test.

What happens next is revealed in the Sundered Crown Saga.

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