Rason is Delfinnia’s greatest battle commander, a title hard won through war and conflict.

Born on the southern isle of Zahnia, Rason quickly learned to fear the sea and what it often brought. He was just a child when the Yundols returned to Delfinnia’s shores and it was through sheer luck and the determination of his parents that he survived the raiders attack upon the island. The Yundols were brutal warriors from the desert lands across the Yundol Sea and for centuries had been enemies to Delfinnia.

The raiders came and raped and pillaged, destroying the old city of Zahnia in the process. Thousands perished, but Rason and his family did not. Instead they fled west to the Barony of Champia and there made a new life.

As Rason grew older he couldn’t shake the horrors of the Yundols from his memory and so headed to the capital at Sunguard to enlist in the King’s Legion. In his gut he knew the Yundols would return.

In the years of peace Rason quickly rose through the ranks until he was made a captain of the Sunguard Legion. During the Legions regular campaigns against the warlords and tribes folk of the Great Plains his ability to inspire his men and his determination to fight at their side made him an immensely popular leader.

Sure enough however his fears came true as the Yundols returned. A thousand ships bristling with hundreds of warriors arrived on the southern coast. Once more the island of Zahnia was ravaged and the barony of Champia was attacked. Only the strong walls of the baron’s citadels prevented the region to fall.

Alongside the Bloodsword mercenaries the Yundols assaulted the Marble Shore.  Rason’s legion however was not sent there, instead they were dispatched to the Barony of Retbit were the Yundols had landed the bulk of their forces.

Within a month the invaders had swept northwards forcing the Baron of Retbit to flee towards the village of Plock and abandon his homelands. Outside the village five of the King’s legions joined forces with Retbit and troops from Eclin and Balnor.

A few miles south of Plock the forces of Delfinnia fought the Yundol invaders in the ‘battle of the bloody shore’. Rason was in the thick of the fighting his men carving a way through the enemy. It was in the battle that a Yundol axe almost took his eye and too this day the scar remains.

As victory seemed close Yundol ships landed to the north, the Delfinnian’s were surrounded. With most of the Sunguard legion commander’s slain Rason assumed command and quickly marched north to hold the new threat.

Rason and his men set an ambush which goes down in legend. His five hundred men funnelled the enemy into a ravine and there locked shields. Wave after wave of Yundols charged but every attack was broken. On Rasons signal, men hidden high up on the ravine created a landslide which enveloped the invaders. Thousands of the enemy perished and the Yundol advance was broken.

For four years Rason and his men pushed the Yundols back towards the sea. He proved himself again and again, winning many battles in the hell of Retbit’s stifling jungles. As the war neared its end the King himself appointed Rason, General of the Legion, the highest title a warrior of the Legion could achieve.

What happens next is revealed in the Sundered Crown Saga.

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