Since the end of June 1116 copies of my books have been downloaded. A fantastic number! However, the number of reviews on Amazon is really low still. If you have enjoyed Heir to the Sundered Crown or Blood of Kings, please post a review on Amazon. I would really appreciate it.

Work on the second book in the Sundered Crown saga is well underway.

I am aiming to have The War for the Sundered Crown © ready by the Summer of 2015.

image by RaymondMinnaar


2 thoughts on “An Appeal for Reviews and New Book Reveal

  1. Hello! I purchased your book today on my kindle and am 15% into it. I am really enjoying the plot and am happy to have this in my collection. However, there are a lot of obvious mistakes in the editing (your instead of you’re, we’re instead of were, missing commas). They are numerous and obvious enough to be distracting (maybe something went wrong while transcribing it?). I hope you can look over the eBook copy that Amazon has and fix the mistakes for future customers. I don’t want your work to suffer because of strange mistakes.

    1. Hi there, thanks for taking a chance on a self published author. Don’t worry I have spent the last few weeks going through the book and hope to root out many of the mistakes. The updated file should be ready soon. Can I ask that you leave a review on Amazon if you haven’t already?

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