HTTSC Definitive Version Coming Soon

I aim to have the new edition of Heir to the Sundered Crown available to download for Kindle by the end of October. It will include a map created by a skilled user of the Campaign Cartographer programme, and will have extra content for the back story section as well as a sneak peak at book two.  Oh and a colour version of the map will be posted onto the website over the coming weeks. I also hope to update the print edition too.

The new content will include some more background details on the various factions in the book as well as descriptions and historical details of some of the places. Also being added will be the first chapter of Book Two which I will also reveal over the coming weeks. I aim to use November’s Nanowrimo challenge to get well under way on that project.

I would like to thank all of you who have bought the book and given an independent writer a chance, I hope that this new and hopefully definitive version of the book will keep you wanting to return to the world of Delfinnia and the characters I have created.

I also hope to write a number of short stories based on some of the events mentioned in the book and about some of the characters. The first of which will be about Ferran of BlackMoor and will focus on the events which led up to him meeting the witch hunter Sophia Cunning.

I have so many ideas for this world that I hope you will stick around and join me as I try to bring them to life.

If you have any questions leave me a comment here or on the Facebook page at



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