Seven days in and things are going well. I’ve written myself into a corner a few times but have gotten the characters out of their predicaments. I’m currently ahead with 17,000 words written, at this rate the NanoWrimo site says I will be done before the deadline but as I have learnt from previous Nano experiences this very rarely happens.

Work and life in general tends to get in the way. So far I know in what direction I want to take the story (darker, bigger and hopefully better) and as it’s a sequel I’m writing I know the characters well. I’m getting to the point where the original cast of characters from Book One of the Sundered Crown Saga are reunited and then it gets to the more fun stuff like new characters.

A new batch of Allies and enemies has yet to be put onto the page but I have an idea of what they will be like and some I hope will become favourites 😉

The first week of Nano is normally the easiest as you’re still motivated and eager to keep at it. Last time I was so far ahead at this stage that I have to admit, I got very over confident. As the month progressed life and work got in the way and I ended up falling short at the last hurdle.

All I can advise to others doing Nano is to stay focused. If you get stuck leave it for a few hours and back to it fresh, nothing is more soul destroying then staring at your book and not seeing where to go with it next.

In other news the sale of Heir to the Sundered Crown went ok, not as spectacularly as I had hoped but hopefully a few reviews will come from it. (To those that have read the book and not reviewed…do it now!)

I hope to get the standard edition ready to buy for other E-readers such as the NOOK , Kobo and Googlebooks. Itunes is also an option I am considering. Hope to get that sorted by Christmas.

How are your Nano projects going? Let me know in the comments or via Twitter or Facebook.


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