Unconquered: Blood of Kings has been available to buy for almost two years so I have lowered the price to just 99p, (99 cents in the USA). If your a fan of historical fiction and epic battles you will love it.

Unconquered: Blood of Kings is now just 99 cents (99p)

As the kingdom teeters on the edge of chaos King Edward the Confessor dies without an heir, sparking off events that will see three of the most powerful men in Europe fight to the death for Christendoms greatest prize, the crown of Saxon England.

Rebellion, war, love and loss will test the strength and faith of Osfrid Hunweldsen, a noble who fights to save his family from the hands of tyranny and the coming invasion of the kingdom.

It is 1066,the blood of Kings shall be shed.

Book One: Blood of Kings is available to buy from the following-

Kindle edition

UK link : http://ow.ly/s8F5E
US link: http://ow.ly/s8F9Q

Hardcover version :http://ow.ly/s8F7K

Paperback version Lulu link : http://ow.ly/s8F7d

Paperback version Amazon link: http://ow.ly/s8F6t

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