Howdy, I thought I would share a bit of info about another work in progress. As a companion series to the Sundered Crown Saga I will be writing and eventually releasing a collection of short stories centered around characters from the Saga as well as some new ones. So far I have plans to write the tales of The Nightblade, The Mage, The Witchunter, and The Knight. I also hope to do a few more 😉

Below is the intro to the Knight’s Tale.

The Knight’s Tale

The young lad watched in horrified awe from his vantage place high on the Marble cliffs. The sea far below churned violently as the rolling black storm clouds drew menacingly closer. Flashes of lightning lit up the horizon and the rumble of thunder carried on the strengthening breeze. Despite the clouds promising to bring a savage storm to the shores of Delfinnia the lads attention was not fixed upon them, instead his gaze was fixed on the battle raging just off of the coast.

A small fleet of Legion galleys was fighting for its life. Arrows flew, ballistae fired and fire pots detonated to set men ablaze, their bodies tumbling into the roiling waves. Fear was in the lads heart. The sleeker and quicker ships attacking the legion were the cause. Their long prows held high in the water, upon them were terrifying carved images of the Yundols savage gods. The boy cried out as dark skinned warriors launched grappling hooks which dug deeply into the hull of the largest of the legion galleys.

Even above the noise of the approaching storm, the screams and sounds of battle he could hear the Yundol war chant. The rhythm of their deep tones pierced soul and the cold icy fingers of fear clutched tightly around his heart. He could see the warriors pulling upon the ropes and sure enough the legion galley was brought close enough to the Yundol vessel to allow the warriors to leap aboard, their curved swords swinging. The legionnaires desperately tried to defend themselves, but a hail of arrows from another Yundol ship cut them down before they could form a shield wall on the deck. The Yundol warriors charged over the deck and within moments the battle was over.

The surviving legionnaires threw down their weapons and held their hands high in surrender. The lad watched breathlessly, the Yundol were not known to take prisoners, their savagery was well known.

A tall, broad shouldered Yundol warrior strode towards the surrendered legionnaires and laughed mockingly. The man was huge. Taller than a bear, his arm muscles rippled. His dark skin was offset by a head of long dreadlocked white hair and neatly trimmed beard. He wore no armour save for a steel plate that covered his massive chest. The man yelled something, eliciting laughs and cheers from his companions. All around them the rest of the legion fleet was put to the torch and its cargo pillaged. The man faced the surrendered men taunting them once more. One of the legionnaires appeared to beg for his life ‘like a coward’ the lad thought, ashamed of his fellow countryman. The Yundol sneered at the man’s cowardice, drew his sword and with a speed that surprised the lad, took the man’s head from his shoulders.

The lad closed his eyes at the horror, tears fell down his cheeks. Little did he know that within a few short years, he too would be facing the Yundols, sword in his hand.

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