As promised I will be delivering weekly updates on the process of writing book 3 in the Sundered Crown Saga: Quest for the Sundered Crown.

After a lot of planning I finally created a rough plan of the novel. Most writers know that when writing a story it can take on a life of its own and end up being very different to what they originally expected. To limit this I have created a chapter by chapter ideas list that should hopefully keep on the right track when my characters start to wonder off and try and do their own thing.

This week I wrote the first draft for the start of the book. I like to either start off in the thick of the action or start with a scene that sets up a major plot point later in the book. In this case I’ve written one for the latter. I aim to make Quest a more in depth story that delves more into the world and characters that I have created. Getting the balance right between that and the fast paced action of the other two books in the series is likely to be a challenge but one that I am really looking forward to tackle.

As well as the intro I’ve started to write the first chapter which will reintroduce us to the world and a major character.

Being an author is a busy job. As well as working on Quest I have finished working on Danon and that is now in the editing stage (you can preorder it now on Amazon OR if you sign up to the newsletter you will receive it free in your inbox).

With Danon set to be released in March I am also editing the second book in the Terran Defenders Series.

How do you plan and prepare your writing? Let me know in the comments section or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.


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