Hi everyone it’s week 2 of my writing Quest for the Sundered Crown series of blog posts (new one every week).

A Balancing Act

Well…er…where to begin. This week has pretty much been a total write off in terms of making progress on the book. Thankfully this wasn’t down to the dreaded writers block, but by my day job (I write for an actual job too, nuts right?) It has pretty much consumed my life the past few weeks and with deadlines looming, all other writing has had to take a back burner. Making a few trips to London on the train for meetings I did think about trying to get some of the book done then, but to my horror I have discovered that trying to type on a moving train actually makes me feel violently ill.

Despite the lack of progress when it comes to words I did make some progress on my plan for the book. I’ve switched what I had intially written as chapter 1 to chapter 2 and have an idea of how to get the book off to a good start. I’m still not sure on the prologue so that will most likely change too.

One good thing however is that its the weekend and I’ve caught up with all of my other work, so from Saturday I can fully focus on putting more words down for Quest.


In other news the release date for Danon is drawing closer! Remember to sign up to my newsletter to get a free copy of the book. If you don’t want to do that then you can pre-order it from Amazon now.

As well as that, work is progressing well on my other book in the works; The Nightblade, which I’m hoping will be released sometime in the summer.

Look out for a review for Heir to the Sundered Crown on Wednesday. The kind folks at ElevenMedia have agreed to write up a review of the book. Can’t wait to see what they have to say…unless its bad…that would be bad…. 😦

Next week I am determined to get at least another chapter finished, I shall not be distracted!


In the meantime why not check out my other books?

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