It’s the weekend again!

My fiancé has recovered from the illness she had in the previous week ( it seems that everyone is coming down with something at the moment!)

Time is going crazily fast. Despite that, I have been able to crack on with some writing, in fact I managed to get down a whole new chapter as well as finish off the first chapter.

As I’ve said before, Quest is not my only book in the works and I’ve been dividing my time between it and those other projects. Danon will be published next week so hurry up and sign up to the newsletter to receive a free copy! As well as finalising Danon for release I’ve been working away on my Tales series. The Nightblade is now 60% done and is on track to be released sometime in the summer. 

To help me with ideas I’ve been using the internet to check out some fantasy art. I find that pictures are a great source of inspiration for scenes. The image I’ve used in this post for example is almost identical to a scene I’ve planned out for Quest. Image is by Disse86

With Easter approaching next week I have some time off coming from my day job (a whole 11 days off!). I aim to crack on with the books and hopefully get a few more chapters done.

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