Another week, another bout of little in the way of writing done :(. Doing a rebrand for a company is a bit of a knackering job (as in exhausting). Being a copywriter can be a tough job.

I went to London midweek to meet a few of the executives at the company I work for and the list of jobs to do has only grown. Luckily, I have the next week off to try and finally crack on with Quest and get more done on the Nightblade.

In the wider world events remain grim. The terrorist attack on Brussels happened the day before my trip to London and security was high. These incidents just show how cowardly those murderers are, targeting innocent men, women and children, all they will achieve is to make us more determined to beat them.

Friday saw the release of Danon Normally I would concentrate on doing a launch and promotion, but alas due to other commitments this has been a bit lacking. Go and get a copy now or sign up to the newsletter! To celebrate, War for the Sundered Crown is free to download until Monday.

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!

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