Hi everyone, sorry for not posting this up yesterday, I finally succumbed to a cold after resisting for so long. After feeling pretty rough I’m now feeling ok so hopefully this cold is already being beat (go immune system!).


Anyway enough of my man cold whining. This past week I got some really good writing under my belt. Quest is coming along nicely and for those of who like longer novels, it’s looking like this one will be a pretty hefty one. (Don’t worry, all of it is going to be adventure filled!)

A scene in particular that I’ve enjoyed working on is where Luxon (our hero) via magic is transported to other times and worlds. As most of you know I am part of Firebound Books and for a while now me, Rob May (author of Dragon Killer) and Anthony Garret (Dragon Oracles) have discussed the possibility of some sort of crossover between our fantasy worlds. Think the Marvel cinematic universe but replace with the Firebound Books Literary universe…hmmm I like the sound of that.

I don’t want to ruin it for you, but let’s just say that if you’ve read Rob’s Dragon Killer series you will certainly recognise a certain Red haired woman that Luxon encounters in his travels. His world hopping may also take him to the world of the Dragon Oracles. Thanks to magic the possibility of full-scale crossover is always a possibility which I love.

As well as writing that really fun scene I’ve also been developing the book’s wider plot. This coming week I will be focusing on the side plot for Ferran, Sophia, Hannah and Faramond. They will go to a part of Delfinnia not yet explored in the books, the bread basket of the realm, the barony of Robinta. The ruler of this land Rusay Broadmane will also be developed a lot more and I have some pretty big plans for this character.

Anyway, best be off. Need to take some more medicine…cough…cough


The epic Sundered Crown Saga is available on kindle and paperback now!
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