Something a bit different this bank holiday weekend. Yesterday me and the fiancé went to see Captain America: Civil War and wow all I can say is; DC this is how you make a superhero movie. 

Ok that might be a bit harsh, Marvel have had a lot more time to build up their cinematic universe, but it also should be a sign to DC that instead of making a movie like Batman vs Superman they should have taken their time to establish their own.

Captain America: Civil War picks up after the events of Age of Ultron and Winter Soldier and ties the two story arcs together. It kicks off with the Avengers on the trail of the remnants of Hydra, after a opening fight scene that makes Falcon look cool as hell and shows off the new Avengers team work. The mission results in civilian casualties, causing the United Nations to announce the introduction of the Sokovia accords, a  piece legislation that would effectively put the worlds governments in charge of the Avengers. The team would only be deployed if agreed upon by politicians (and we all know how trustworthy they can be). The accords are the basis for the conflict to come as Tony Stark, guilt-ridden after Age of Ultron sides with the government. Steve Rogers on the other hand, opposes the idea as he says that politicians have ulterior motives and could use the power of the Avengers to further their own agendas or make them do things that they do not agree with. The team is split and the battle lines are drawn.

I won’t spoil it for anyone but there is another plot thread running through the movie that adds to the reasons for the conflict and adds an emotional conflict that makes the story make sense.

Winter Soldier and the Black Panther

The Winter Soldier returns. At the end of the last Captain America movie Bucky regains his memories and saves Rogers before going on the run. A terrorist incident at the signing of the accords sees Bucky framed for the attack and we are introduced to the kick-ass Black Panther. His scenes are incredible and I cannot wait to watch his own standalone movie. The action scenes in this movie are some of the best ever seen in Marvel movies as each of the superheroes displays their abilities in imaginative ways. Naturally, Rogers tries to help his old friend Bucky putting him outside of the law. Stark is tasked to bring him in. With the Avengers split both Cap and Iron Man recruit new super heroes to their causes. Cap brings in Paul Rudds Ant-Man (who has a big role later on) whilst Stark brings in the brand new Spiderman played by Tom Holland.

Spiderman is great

I have to talk a bit about Spiderman here. This new version is already my favourite to ever be seen on film. He’s just like in the comics, a nerdy dirt poor kid who has these amazing abilities and smart mouth. As the two sides clash in a battle scene that makes anything in Batman vs Superman look amateurish, Spidey displays his abilities. The fight that is in all the trailers is in short as awesome as you can imagine.

Despite the large rostor of characters every single one has the chance to shine and each of their motivations for their actions is done so well that you fully understand why they have chosen the side they have.

The movie has a long running time, but I didn’t notice. Every minute was paced perfectly to add to the plot and characters. In short, this is now my favourite of all the Marvel movies (sorry Guardians of the Galaxy).

Overall Score: 9/10

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