From May 20th to May 28th the Ebook version of Heir to the Sundered Crown, Book 1 in the epic Sundered Crown Saga will available to buy for just 0.99p in the UK from May 20th and 0.99cents in the US from May 21st. The promotion will run for 7-days with the US sales ending on May 28th.

Delve into a #‎fantasy series that has been hailed as a cross between#‎HarryPotter and Game of Thrones, been compared to Raymond E. Feist’s “Riftwar Saga” and as the book to have renewed a person’s faith in medieval epic fantasy.

The blurb –

(Winner of Wattpad’s Write Awards 2014)

A realm torn asunder by civil war will give rise to a hero.

The Kingdom of Delfinnia is in chaos. After assassins kill the king and his family, greedy self serving men battle one another for the crown. Unknown to them is that one heir yet lives, a baby boy now hidden and protected.

In the mage city of Caldaria is a boy named Luxon. A young mage who will discover his past and his powers. For he will one day become known as the Legendary, the wizard who would break the world, the man who would embrace death and live and the hero who would give a realm its greatest king.

Sent on a quest to find the one responsible for the King’s assassination Luxon teams up with Ferran of the Blackmoor the legendary Nightblade and hunter of fell beasts, Sophia Cunning the land’s greatest witch hunter and Kaiden, a noble knight sworn to defend the world from darkness.

Together they find the answers they seek, but the truth is far worse than anyone could possibly imagine.

The Heir to the Sundered Crown is a fantasy tale that will ignite the imagination and set the stage for an epic battle
between the light and the darkness.

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