This week I’ve mostly been focusing on a chapter that focuses on the return of a character that is one of my personal favourites. Progress has been a bit slow due to other commitments and inspiration was flagging slightly (the curse of all writers).

To remedy this I went on the search for some music that would get my brain firing and my imagination kicking back into high gear. Below is just a few of the tracks I found that have given me back that desire to write.

Many writers say that they need perfect quiet before they can write, not me. I tend to work best with a set of headphones on blasting out epic music. Why epic music? To me this genre of music is perfect for writing fantasy or sci-fi to. It stirs up emotions and the music allows my brain to conjure up scenes. The pacing of music also helps me with the pacing of my writing. A serene piece of music often helps when writing scenes and chapters focusing on calm periods in the story whereas a fast paced piece helps with action and battle scenes.

Writing fantasy requires me to visualise what I want to put down onto a page. All those horrible monster and massive battles have been played out liked movies in my head before I start writing. In some ways being a writer is like being a movie maker albeit one that doesn’t produce film and puts those images into words. It’s tough to explain to a non-writer.

Also, don’t forget that Heir to the Sundered Crown is on sale until the end of this week! If you’ve not yet delved into the world of the Sundered Crown Saga now is a great time to do so.

Anyhow here’s just a few of the tracks I’ve been listening to this week –




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