After last week’s post on how music can inspire my writing, I thought I would share my other main source of inspiration. This week I am taking a look at how art inspires me.


When writing fantasy you sometimes a little bit extra to get your vision across. In the Sundered Crown Saga, the world is similar to the one that would have been seen in the Medieval times or other periods of history.

Looking at old paintings or artist interpretations of what those times look like are a huge help in crafting a believable world, but what about those scenes that involve things that have never existed in the real world? This is where fantasy art can be a massive help.

I could be all pretentious and list a load of truly famous artists here, but I’m going to be truthful and say I am no art expert. (Being highly knowledgeable of art is my fiancés realm!) My main source of inspiration are the works of the talented artists that occupy the website Deviantart.

Many a scene of the Sundered Crown Saga has been inspired by the artwork produced by these incredibly talented individuals. The way in which they draw and paint sometimes makes me feel as though they’ve been rooting around in my head and then produced a piece of art straight from it.

As a writer, a visual aid can be of great benefit when faced with a tricky scene that requires description.

Some of my favourite Deviant Artists

Here’s a list of just a few of my favourites: – Lin makes the covers for my fellow Firebound author Rob May

I think you’ll all agree that there are some incredibly talented people out there.

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