As if writing two fantasy novels wasn’t enough I’m also now writing another book. This new one is something a lot different to my usual stuff as I am working on it with my fiance. All I can say so far is that it’s a mystery/thriller horror and is set in Cornwall where we both grew up. Cornwall is a great setting for a novel as it is a place steeped in legends and folklore, perfect for a spooky tale.

Here’s a sneaky peak –

The Cornish sun cast its warmth upon Morwenna’s face. She had just finished her shift at the beachside cafe where she had been working for the past four months and was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up. She’s putting aside her wages to pay for a new car, a necessity for independence in Cornwall. She was lucky however as her boyfriend Daniel drove her everywhere in his beat-up BMW. Since being together she swore that he’d spent more time fixing it up then spending time with her. She checked her watch, it was already past six. Where was he? Normally he was five minutes early.

Morwenna sat on the grass verge of the dusty country lane, perhaps he had gotten stuck behind a tractor? The bane of all motorists in the county. She brushed a strand of her long brown hair behind her ear and took her phone out of her bag. As per usual there was no signal on her phone, one of the disadvantages of living in such a beautiful part of the world. She sighed and tilted her head back. The summer had been a hot one and the narrow lane was dusty due to the lack of rainfall, insects flitted to and fro . The shift had been a busy one, her feet ached and she was tired. Serving the influx of tourists that flooded the county every summer ensured she always had plenty of shifts at the cafe, her mother always told her off for complaining about the work, but it often felt that everyone else was having a good time while she spent her days running around serving other people’s needs.

She took out her ray band sunglasses from her bag and put them on. She rubbed her long tanned legs and lay back onto the soft grass. Before she knew it she was lying on her back and snoring softly, the warmth of the sun and the sounds of nature helping her to drift off.

Morwenna awoke with a start. The sun was now low in the sky and the light was fading. She scrambled to her feet. Where was Daniel? Checking her watch she saw that an hour had passed. Concern filled her. She tried her phone again but again was greeted with no signal. She swore under her breath, Daniel would get it in the neck for forgetting about her. She began to walk up the lane towards the village where she lived, on foot it would take her at least an hour. She had been walking for only a few minutes when she stopped dead in her tracks.

At the side of the road was Daniel’s car. The ‘I love Kernow’ sticker on the front bumper and the Cornish Pirates badge affixed to the inside of the windscreen on the passenger side confirmed it. The driver’s door was open, but of Daniel there was no sign. Cautiously she approached and called out his name. Only the sound of the breeze and the insects in the hedgerows greeted her. Reaching the car the sense of dread increased within her gut. One of Daniel’s shoes was lying on its side in the passenger foot-well and the driver’s seat was torn. She gasped. There was blood on the steering wheel. Now the fear really took a hold of her.

“Daniel!” She shouted.

Was he hurt? Had he been in an accident? Where was he?

More blood. She froze as she noticed it. This time, there was some on the road.


No response.

The blood had soaked into the tarmac. It led away from the car and across the road into a field. Slowly, she followed the trail her mind racing. She swore at her phone as it continued to tell her that it had no signal. The field had once been filled with long grass, but the combination of the withering summer sun and the cattle that regularly frequented it meant that it was dry and dusty.  The blood trail led Morwenna across the field and to the edge of a wood. The locals often ignored it, preferring to take the public trails to the coast. Morwenna called Daniel’s name again. She froze as the air was pierced by a high-pitched scream.

“Daniel!” she shouted as loud as she could.

She broke into a sprint and ploughed headlong into the wood, ignoring the branches and twigs that tried to impede her. The scream had come from somewhere ahead of her. Eventually, she burst through the undergrowth into a clearing. Her foot caught on a branch to send her crashing to the soft earth.

She scrambled back onto her feet. Her eyes were wet with tears. Her eyes darted around the clearing desperate for any trace of Daniel. Hanging from the trees were strange shapes made of what looked like straw and bracken. The whole clearing was filled with them, the objects were hanging from every branch. She cried out Daniel’s name again her voice breaking. Her eyes caught sight of something else in one of the trees. She stepped towards it and gasped. Hanging from the laces was Daniel’s other shoe, of Daniel himself there was no sign. 

Other work I’ve done this past week has been on Nightblade and of course book 3 in the Sundered Crown Saga.

There won’t be another update now for at least two weeks as next Saturday I am getting married! As you’d expect the next few weeks are going to be crazy busy and we will out of the country for some of that time.

The epic Sundered Crown Saga is available on kindle and paperback!
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Heir to the Sundered Crown
War for the Sundered Crown
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