Real life Inspiration

Hi, everybody, it’s been a few hectic weeks but I am back in rainy Blighty a married man!

For this blog post I am writing about my trip to (imho) the most beautiful city I have ever seen; Prague. Its stunning architecture was massively inspiring for me as a writer. The wide open squares, narrow winding streets and gorgeously decorated buildings made me feel as though I was in a fantasy world of my own.

Here’s just a few of the most inspiring buildings we came across on our honeymoon. (If you’re looking for a romantic getaway then you can do a lot worse than Prague).


The stunning Charles Bridge


St.Vitus Cathedral


St.Vitus Cathedral window

(There would have been more posted but WordPress decided not to work :/


I think I’ll be using some of these sights for inspiration in Quest for the Sundered Crown.

The epic Sundered Crown Saga is available on kindle and paperback!
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Heir to the Sundered Crown
War for the Sundered Crown
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