Ebook Pricing on Amazon

There has been much debate amongst self-published authors over what price they should sell their work. I myself have been struggling with pricing. Do you drop the prices of your work to as low as 99p or make them free to encourage readers to pick up your work? or do you sell at a price that will actually make you a profit?

I’ve read and heard many arguments for selling at low prices and some self-published authors have done well from such a model. The problem is, however, is that there are so many self-published authors out there doing the same thing. Readers are bombarded with 99p or free books and as a reader myself I often turn away from those titles.

Price = quality

I’m no expert, but I did do business whilst at college and one of the fundamental rules of business is that price equates quality. It may sound strange to some but not everyone likes to buy cheap.

Remember that a reader has to invest their time into reading your work, so why would they bother reading a 99p or free book?  Such a low price suggests that the author has little respect for their own work. If the author thinks their work is worth so little then so will a reader.  Don’t get me wrong, using those prices for promotions is often a good way to get some extra sales or increase interest in a book series. I tend to set such promotions around the holidays or when a new title is being released.

As an author you will have invested some serious man hours into writing your novel. Let readers know that you value your work by setting a price that shows that. If selling via Amazon there is now a new option of the setting price screen on KDP.


The KDP Pricing Support option is a really useful way of finding out just what price you should sell at. It factors in the size of the book and analyses data from the Amazon marketplace to set a recommended price. This actually works! As an experiment I raised the price of one of my titles. Within a day, sales had increased, (prior to that sales had been very slow).

What is your pricing strategy? Have you had success with selling cheaply or more success by setting higher prices? Let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Ebook Pricing on Amazon – Are authors selling themselves short?

  1. I’ve always been told quality equals price too. I’ve also been told to lower the price of a previous book in a series or trilogy when releasing a subsequent book. Great thoughts!

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