I’m a bit late to the party with this but after finishing book one in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Series I felt like I had to write a review.

A Must Read For Fantasy Fans

The Final Empire is the first book in the Mistborn trilogy and introduces us to a world that has been long conquered by a seemingly invincible god-like being called the Lord Ruler. This premise is instantly fascinating as it answers the age old fantasy question of what a world would like if the heroes failed to succeed at beating the big bad. The people in this world are oppressed and live in fear of the Lord Ruler. The most oppressed being a race of people called Skaa, a people that have been persecuted for so long that all the fight’s been knocked out of them.

The opening of the book introduces Kelsier a man determined to put an end to the Lord Ruler and free the Skaa from their servitude. As well as being a highly likeable and charismatic character, Kelsier is also a Mistborn, a person with the ability to burn metals within their bodies and gain supernatural abilities as a result. From the get go I was hooked by Sanderson’s writing which is a bit odd as I really struggled to get into the first part of his Stormlight Archives series. The writing in Mistborn flows a lot better and the premise is absolutely gripping.

The characterisation of Kelsier and Vin (our heroine) is great and does a good job of showing how Kelsier develops his master plan and becomes something of a legend to the Skaa people. When we are first introduced to Vin, she is a street urchin abandoned by her brother and struggling to survive.  As the plot develops Vin turns from a meek frightened girl into a confident woman and it is through her eyes that we learn more about Mistborn and the incredibly in-depth magic system called Alomancy created by Sanderson.

Without giving too much away the plot rockets along at a quick pace and the intricate way in which the plot to overthrow the Lord Ruler is written is remarkable. The amount of planning and world building Sanderson must have done to develop this series must have numbered in the hundreds of hours.

Basically, Allomancy is the ability to burn metal through liquid ingestion and create certain responses such as added strength or enhanced senses.

The Lord Ruler

When the Lord Ruler is finally introduced he certainly lives up to the hype. All through the novel, there are hints as to his identity and his abilities but when he does appear, let’s just this is how villains should be done. He is terrifyingly powerful and the way Sanderson writes it is obvious how this being has managed to enslave an entire world.

Overall, as you can probably tell I highly recommend you give this series a try! I’ve ordered the rest of the series, cannot wait.

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