My Autumn sale continues this week with Terran Defenders:Genesis on sale for just 99p/c in the USA and the UK. Buy it here-

September was a pretty disappointing month for me in terms of sales (just 20!) after the pretty strong showing in August I had been hoping for a bit of a pick-up before Christmas but alas it was not to be.

The sale for Unconquered was very poor but that was to be expected I suppose with no advertising to back it up save for the never ending task of posting about it on social media. Hopefully, the promotion for TDG and Terran Defenders does a lot better!

Other news

In other news, my recent post on vanity presses seems to have gone down well and has become my most viewed and commented on post ever! Seems as though a lot of writers have been duped or had close calls with them. I was also asked on Twitter to look into Hybrid publishers so when I’m not writing my books or at work, I will do some research and perhaps write a post about them. Once the new website is live I’ll also start doing posts about my experiences of self-publishing, book marketing and all the other things that I have learned since starting down this path.

Also, don’t forget to pre-order the Nightblade which is due for release on Kindle at the end of the month. Writing wise I am still working away on book 3 of the Sundered Crown Saga and have started some work on a new project that I will probably reveal sometime in the New Year.

The release date for the Nightblade is October 28th, (to tie in with Halloween). If you like a story full of mystery, monsters and magic then get yourself a copy.

You can pre-order the Nightblade from the following links:

UK –







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