Hi everybody, so as I’ve said in a few previous posts I have been planning and working on a new fantasy story. Don’t worry, work on Quest for the Sundered Crown is still ongoing (albeit slowly). As work on this new work in progress has been proceeding ahead at a quick pace I thought that I would announce it officially today!

What is it?

The new book is titled: The First Fear, here’s the synopsis (very likely to change as this is very much a work in progress).

A new epic fantasy saga begins!

The Supreme rules the world.

For centuries the Supreme has reigned with an iron fist. The people are slaves to her whim and at the mercy of her followers who revere her as their goddess. Using a supernatural ability, known as the ‘Power’ she is able to channel emotions and convert them into superhuman abilities.

Some Resist.

Not all live their lives in servitude. A few rare people also possess the Power and try to fight. These Empowered Ones are hunted mercilessly by the Supreme and her servants, for she knows the threat they pose to her will. None has dared to challenge her outright. That is until now.

Elian, a young boy living at the edge of the Imperium discovers he too possesses the Power with devastating consequences for both himself and the girl he loves. On the run, they encounter a ragtag band of resistance fighters called the Liberators. Among their ranks are others with the gift and their leader Vavius who believes that the key to overthrowing the Supreme lies in the ruins of the ravaged lands of the once mighty Kingdom of Aeranyth.

Pursued and hunted for their gifts by the sinister Hollowed, the world’s fate rests in the hands of the Empowered Ones.

Can I read it?

To help build interest in the story I have decided to post the first draft on Wattpad. You can read the first part here.

Is that the final cover?

That is still to be decided. It will depend on the feedback I get from you guys. I have a few other designs that I quite like, so I may put them to a popular vote when the book is closer to completion.

I’ll be working on this story for this years NanoWriMo!

Please check it out on Wattpad and if you like it give me some feedback and vote!

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