My winter book sale continues tomorrow when my latest novel the Nightblade is on sale for just 99p/c on kindle. Make sure to pick up a copy and please leave reviews it’s a little light on that front! Remember, every review helps.

You can get your copy from


Amazon’s KDP service now offers authors the option to create paperbacks! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be creating paperback versions of all my books, so if you don’t have a kindle or prefer to have a physical book in your hands keep an eye out for when they are available.

Quest for the Sundered Crown

As well as that piece of news I’m still working away on Quest for the Sundered Crown and I’m now aiming for a late spring early summer release. The story is coming together nicely after a few rewrites and alterations and I’m currently working on a scene that all you fans of dragons and knights will hopefully enjoy. (Think epic dragon slaying.) Luxon’s plotline is weaving together nicely and I’ve a few surprises in store for him for the rest of the novel. All-in-all progress is nice and steady.

The First Fear

My other work in progress is also coming along nicely. Even though I failed NaNoWriMo this year (due to work and other commitments) I still managed to get plenty of words done for it. I post updates every Saturday on Wattpad so if you want something new to read please do check it out and leave feedback. Please bear in mind that it’s a first draft.

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