It’s been a while since my last blog post so Happy New Year and all that jazz. As you can see the website has had a bit of a facelift. 2017 is looking set to be another busy year for me writing-wise with not one, not two but three new works planned throughout the year.

Quest for the Sundered Crown

The third part of the Sundered Crown Saga is coming along at a slow but steady pace and I’d say the first draft is about 40% complete at the moment. I had been considering making the saga into a trilogy and ending it with Quest, but as I write more and more plot lines appear! These characters refuse to let me go. With the wealth of ideas I have, I am now planning on extending the series to at least another title (otherwise Quest would be far too long!).  If I keep up my progress on this book as I have been I should have a completed draft by the end of the spring. After that will come the inevitable rewrites and then it will be sent off to the editors. If all things go according to plan then hopefully Quest should be ready by midsummer.

If you’ve not yet got into the Sundered Crown Saga you can buy the books here –

Heir to the Sundered Crown (Book 1) –
War for the Sundered Crown (Book 2) –
Both are free with Kindle Unlimited.

The First Fear – The Empowered Ones

I announced this book at the tail end of last year and I’ve been posting updates of the first draft on Wattpad every Saturday (Check it out here and please leave feedback!) As of next week I’ll start posting the story on here too. Progress on this story has gone well and I am alternating between working on this and Quest for the Sundered Crown. I have no idea as to when this tale will be completed, but I am hoping to get a first draft completed by the end of the summer and then get it as polished as possible. By posting it serially on this site I’m hoping that you guys will help me make it as solid as possible.

Unconquered: Land of War

It’s been a good few years since I published Unconquered: Blood of Kings and I still get asked about a sequel for it. Well, good news! In the latter half of this year, I am going to re-mastering Blood of Kings. Unlike previously I will be getting an editor to fully work it over to iron out the issues that are in its current form and as well as that I will be expanding the story. BoK ended on a massive cliff-hanger so I intend to resolve this by adding a whole new books worth of content to the tale.  Osfrid’s tale will finally be completed.

As for the science fiction stuff, I have plenty of ideas both for a new Terran Defenders novel as well as a new series. With work and life demands however I need to be realistic on the amount of time I will have available to work on my books, so to be realistic I won’t be devoting much time to these ideas until next year.

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