Hi everyone, I thought I would give you a bit of a progress report and a sneaky peek at Book 3 of the Sundered Crown Saga: Quest for the Sundered Crown. The writing process is going well, but there is still lots to do.

The writing process is going well, but there is still lots to do. I’d say I’m about 45% done writing the first draft at the moment, but if I knuckle down and get as many words down per day as possible I’m still hoping to hit my targets. Anyhow, here’s a sneak peek (Please bare in mind this is a rough draft so please excuse any errors etc…)


Ferran pressed himself into the shadow cast by a nearby doorway as he spotted a small group of Vigilantes stalking through the streets. Shortly after emerging from the tunnels, Ferran had kept to the side streets as he followed the Arch Bishop. He watched from the darkness and waited for the group of armed people to pass, if they got their hands on a Nightblade there would be no mercy. Anger filled him. The Vigilantes had captured and murdered many innocent men, women and children. The pyres burned day and night.

Some of the condemned had been wielders just trying to live normal law-abiding lives, but most had been the victims of vendettas. Ferran had seen with his own eyes how the people of the realm often turned on one another when egged on by the Niveren Cult.

He frowned as he watched the group stop outside one of the small houses that lined the roadside. They hammered on the door demanding to be given entry. The door did not open. The biggest of the Vigilantes took a step back before kicking the door off of its hinges with a loud crash that echoed in the chill night air. The other Vigilantes swarmed inside and soon Ferran heard screams. Stood outside the house, and off to the side was a woman, a cruel smirk on her face.

A mother and her small son were dragged from the home by the Vigilantes. At seeing the woman stood nearby, the mother started yelling.

“You…why would you do this? Are you so jealous that you would condemn me and my son to die at the hands of these bastards?”

Her shouts were silenced as the big Vigilante punched her in the mouth. She staggered backwards but was roughly shoved forward by the rest of the group. The boy struggled in vain and cried out for his mother.

At watching the scene unfolding before him Ferran closed his eyes. His mind drifting back to years gone by where he had been in the same position as the petrified child. His hands knotted into fists. He would not allow some religious fanatics to harm the innocent. His mind made up he stepped out of the shadows and strode over to the Vigilantes.

The biggest of them looked up in surprise at the rapidly approaching black clad figure. Before he could give a warning, Ferran had summoned his Tourmaline blade into life. He swung the blade, removing the man’s head from his shoulders.

The woman with the cruel grin was now screaming as she now felt fear herself. Not caring that she was unarmed, Ferran spun on his heel and cut the woman in two. Cries and shouted warnings came from behind him as the other Vigilantes drew their weapons. A scrawny looking zealot charged at Ferran, a club in hand. With a casual grace, he stepped to the side and brought his blade downwards to cleave the man’s arms off at the elbows. For a second the man gawped at his severed limbs. Before he could scream Ferran plunged his sword into the man’s chest to send him toppling to the ground. Another Vigilante attacked. This one held a spear that he aimed at the Nightblade’s heart. Ferran ducked the thrust and grabbed the spear with his free hand. With a pull, he brought his attacker onto the end of his sword.

Almost as quickly as it had begun, the fight was over and three people lay dead at Ferran’s feet. The other Vigilante’s stepped backwards, not wanting to be the next one to die. Ferran took a step forward and snarled. The sudden movement caused the Vigilantes to turn tail and flee down the road. He looked at the woman and child.

“Get out of Sunguard now. Head north to Caldaria, you will be safe there. Stick to the roads and the safety offered by the rune stones.”

The woman nodded and held her son tightly.

“We will master Nightblade. Thank you,” she said before hurrying back inside the house and gathering provisions for the long trip northwards. By the time she emerged back outside, Ferran was gone.


I hope you enjoyed this little sneaky peek!

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