I’d just like to deliver a warning to my fellow wannabe authors. As I was doing my regular scan through the writing groups on Facebook I came across the below:


As you can see, this random person is offering writers the chance to get their work in front of 15000 people. Now, we see these types of scams all the time on social media as these nefarious people seek to take advantage of people desperate for instant success. The worrying thing about this post (at least to me) is the number of people who replied saying they were interested. I’m sorry, but are you people stupid? You have no idea who this guy is, you have no idea how he will magically get you 15000 downloads. To me the whole thing stinks of a scam and yet these desperate people are willing to contact this guy?

I’ve spent the last year working in the cyber security industry so I know a scam when I see one. This to me stinks of phishing scam.  No doubt this person will contact those who were interested via Facebook messenger and then will ask them for personal details and most likely banking information. Nothing in this life is free after all.

My advice to those of you who come across posts like this online is to simply ignore them. They are scams in every sense of the word. To me these people who promise thousands of downloads and reviews are lower than low. Not only are they hoping to scam an author desperate to make it big but they also seemingly have a way to completely game the system and cheat. I will be doing some more research into these types of scam and will post an update if I discover anything worthwhile.

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