There are countless guides on the internet about how Indy authors should use social media if they want to raise awareness of their books. In this series of posts, I am going to tell you why, for once, you can believe what you read online.

Facebook Pages

Let’s start with the world’s biggest social network; Facebook. With over a billion daily users you cannot ignore this network’s potential to help raise awareness of your work. The first step for any author is to create an author page. (Click here for a simple guide on how to do it. I’ll be going into more detail in another post soon so keep checking the site.)

You can find mine here

As you can see from the image above, Facebook gives you several options such as creating offers and getting sign ups. These tools are very useful when promoting book promotions and trying to grow your mailing list. You also get a choice of options for the layout of your page so you can set it up like an online store.

Grow Your Followers

An author page is a great place to get fans and followers. Invite all of your friends and family, make them aware of what you’re doing. You will find that some friends and family members are very supportive and will share and like your posts, others, unfortunately, will either like the page and do nothing further or simply ignore your request. If that happens… well, at least you know who your supporters are.

If you want to increase your likes and followers to people other than those you know you will need to become savvy at social media marketing. Have links to your Facebook page in your Ebooks (either at the very front or at the back it’s up to you).  Put links into your newsletters, blog posts, on your website and on any other social media that you’re using.

Sadly getting likes and clicks organically is now a lot harder after Facebook changed the way it does things. As with any business, it wants to make money and what better way to do that than to charge businesses and individuals to get their content seen. If you have a post that you feel is important then using the boost post option may be the best way to get it seen.

Facebook Groups a useful advertising tool

Having a Facebook page is great and everything but how do you use it to promote your books? You could post links to them on your Facebook page and leave it at that. However, there are some other methods to spreading the word about your books. Facebook Groups are an excellent place for you to advertise. Simply search for book groups and you will find hundreds, if not thousands.

In the build up to any of my book launches I post daily in every single one that I am a member of to try and generate awareness. The effectiveness of this method however is very hit and miss. To get the best results you need to post at the best times of day. In my experience posting at the times when the USA wakes up and in the evenings are the best times that generate reactions.

I have sold many books using this method. Persistence is key when using this very time intensive strategy. The best thing about posting in Facebook groups is that it’s free advertising (albeit very hit and miss).

Facebook Ads

I’ve covered this in a previous blog post (click here to read it) and their effectiveness depends greatly on how much money you are willing to put behind them. Some authors swear by them but in my experience they’ve been disappointing every time. Trying to generate likes and clicks for example often results in profiles from random countries like Pakistan or parts of Africa spamming the likes and clicks. In my experience the ads very rarely reach the people you want it to despite setting them up to target specific audiences and nations.

Do you have any other tips for getting the most out of your Facebook author page? Let me know in the comments or message me on social media.

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