Book 3 in the Sundered Crown Saga is out now in both paperback and ebook formats. Check out the blurb below – 

Danon’s army sweeps across the Kingdom of Delfinnia and Luxon, the only one capable of stopping the annihilation of the realm embarks on a desperate quest to cure himself of the deadly Void Sickness that threatens his life. To find the cure, Luxon must travel through the Magic Gates and find the Waters of Magic, but in doing so, he will be sent to new worlds and even through time. There he will uncover the shocking truth about Danon and another he calls friend and mentor.

Elsewhere dragons ravage the eastern lands spurring Kaiden to reform the Knights of Niveren and in the south, the King’s Legion, led by the usurper Ricard makes a desperate stand against Danon’s hordes. As the world turns ever darker, one hope remains. The legendary sacred sword Asphodel remains hidden.

The Quest is on to claim the blade and perhaps push back the evil threatening creation itself.

Get your copy from –

New to the Saga?

Are you new to the Sundered Crown Saga? Fear not. Both Book 1: Heir to the Sundered Crown and Book2: War for the Sundered Crown Saga are on sale now for just 99p/c and are free on Kindle Unlimited.

Reviews for Prizes

You probably get this all the time from authors but please, please, please leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. As an extra incentive, I’ll be giving away one limited edition and signed set of paperbacks of the Sundered Crown books to whoever leaves the best review(s). All you have to do is take a screenshot of your review on both the Amazon and Goodreads websites and email them to to be entered into the prize draw.

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