Hi folks, apologise for the lack of communication over the past month but me and the wife have been undergoing the very stressful experience of moving to a new house.

At the start of this year I began a new job role at a company based in Tewksbury which was over an hour drive away from where we previously lived in Bristol. That the daily commute was not only tiring but also worked out as very costly in terms of petrol costs. So, we started looking about for somewhere that was closer to my work and had a store that my wife could transfer too.

Worcester fit the bill (not to mention the cost of renting is a lot cheaper than the now massively overpriced Bristol). We now live in a nice 2-bedroom townhouse which is a huge improvement over the tiny place we’d been in before and what’s better is that for all that extra space the rent is only £40 per month extra than our old place!

We’ve had a bit of an exploration of our new home and it’s a lovely city. Plenty of history combined with all the modern amenities we could need. The surrounding countryside is also beautiful with the Malvern hills just on our doorstep. We’ve not had a chance to explore them yet but will do very soon!
Naturally the upheaval of moving to a new city has put m writing on hold for a bit and with work picking up the time I have spare is restricted. Nonetheless I have been making slow but steady progress on the Empowered Ones Book Two and am still optimistically hoping to get the first draft finished before the end of the year.

In other news, I’ve begun the search for a narrator for the audiobook version of The First Fear. I’m hoping to get that done sometime in the new year and I hope many of you will pick up a copy. Sales wise things have slowed right down after the usually good summer period so if you or anyone you know enjoys fantasy and hasn’t picked up a copy of one of my books I would appreciate it massively. You can view all my available titles below.

SPFBO contest wise it’s a bit quiet as the judge tasked with reviewing The First Fear is slowly working her way through the list. Once I know the outcome I’ll share it with you all, (hopefully she’ll enjoy it!).
If you want to discover some of the SPFBO entries click on the banner pic at the bottom of this email.

Happy reading,

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