Hi folks I hope you’re well this balmy October. Just a quick update, I have some news to share regarding the audiobook edition of The First Fear and there’s some sad news coming from the SFF writing community.

Audiobook in the works

First off, after a few months of searching I’ve finally discovered a narrator I really like to do the audiobook version of The First Fear. I’ll be revealing more next month but I’m hoping for a late January, early February release date.

In other news I’m still waiting for The First Fear to be reviewed for the SPFBO competition so technically I’m still in the running! As for the writing side of things I’ve not made as much progress as I’d like and after several read throughs I’ve decided to rework what I’ve done so far for Sundered Crown Book 4. Getting the first draft right first go is a rare thing so I’m not too concerned.

The SFF Community Coming Together

Lastly, there is sad news in the SFF author community. A fellow SPFBO author Brandon Barr is in the final stages of terminal leukaemia, and sadly does not have much time left.

The community is rallying behind him and his family and is using its influence and reach to try and ensure that Brandon’s wife and children are looked after following his passing. To that end a GoFundMe campaign has been set up for him so if you can, please donate anything you can spare.

The GoFundMe campaign can be found at – https://www.gofundme.com/help-support-brandon-barr039s-family

Get in touch via Facebook and Twitter and please sign up to the newsletter

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