So here we are, ten years and over 20 movies later the story began in Iron Man comes to a close in Avengers Endgame. Was it an ending worthy of the build-up? Were character arcs satisfactorily closed? Read on to find out.

Did it live up to expectations?

The amount of hype surrounding this movie was off the chart thanks to 2018s fantastic Infinity War and I’m please to say that the Russo brothers pulled off what could have been an absolute disaster.

The action scenes, the sfx and most importantly the writing was superb. It was laugh out loud funny, it was a tear jerker and some scenes were incredibly tense and uplifting. Some scenes made me want to cheer at how fantastic they were.

This is a spoiler free review so I won’t cover much of the plot itself but what I can say is that the story took me in a direction that I didn’t fully predict. Within the first 20 minutes the plot took a turn that was completely out of left field but it was an excellent twist.

The character development for each of the survivors from the previous movie is excellent and the movie takes its time to ensure that everyone gets a fair shake.

Of course, the two front runners of the film are Tony Stark’s Iron Man and Steve Roger’s Captain America.

We’ve followed these two characters through multiple movies, an epic falling out and now we see just how desperate they’ve become following their failures in Infinity War.

Thor too is treated amazingly well and the way he’s portrayed in this movie will surprise some fans. It makes him and all the characters in fact more human than they’ve ever been before. The God of Thunder is living with loss and what he sees as his personal failure for not preventing Thanos from carrying out his plan.

The movie also raises some profound questions too, such as how would the world respond to 50% of the population suddenly being eradicated from existence. In this film, the answer is really not that well.

The Avengers of course live up to their name and seek to avenge their loss by coming up with an ingenious plan that I won’t ruin here.

The final act is simply incredible and is everything a long time Marvel fan has been waiting years for. It doesn’t disappoint and is simply epic in both scale and action. It puts the audience through the ringer with some excellent fights and some genuinely edge of your seat moments. Characters die, they struggle but most importantly they are done justice.

Overall Score 9/10


The action is superb

All the characters stories are handled well

Special effects are excellent and surpass those in infinity war


There are some slow moments

The way Hulk is handled, I personally wasn’t a fan

If you’ve not watched all of the previous movies then you’ll probably not understand everything that is going on or get the in jokes.

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