So, you may have seen the new logo up on the website’s banner and you may be wondering what it’s all about, well, dear reader let me tell you!

For the past few months a bunch of us on the British and Irish Writing Community Facebook page have come together to create something brand new and what we hope will give you the reader some insight onto the best writing talent in the UK.

Writing can be a lonely business. The British & Irish Writing Community offers support and inspiration to ensure we are not alone, there are others just like us, struggling to find the right words and summon the ideas that elude us.

It’s a great community and if you’re interested in learning more about it or perhaps joining visit here.

The group is very inclusive (as in, if you’re a Brit living overseas etc you’re more than welcome to join in the fun. We also welcome any non-Brits living in the UK as well as those with close ties to the Indy author community. Everyone is welcome!

It’s a great group to meet fellow authors and share tips and keep each other going, especially with the Motivational Mondays. By creating this network, we hope to help spread the word of our works and help readers find some excellent reads in the process.

What’s Bard of the Isles?

The Bard of the Isles is a new online magazine designed to showcase the talent of the best Indy authors (and maybe a few traditionally published ones) in the British Isles.

The first edition is being launched September 1st so check it out! The mag includes –

  • Writer’s Wisdom – articles by authors based on their own experiences
  • Links to writer’s social media and their websites so you can find out more about them
  • The magazine promotes the members of the community in different ways, by: Showcasing their stories and promoting their work with offers and interviews

​​Oh, and there’s a new exclusive short story set in my Sundered Crown Universe to boot!

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