You may be wondering what an ARC team is. Well, ARC stands for Advanced Review Copy and it’s a tactic that many authors use to get reviews of their books and help with new book launches. This is one area that I’ve failed in, but I hope to remedy this today with this email.

If you’re interested in receiving advanced review copies of my books in exchange for posting an honest review on Amazon and other retailers send me an email at or if you’d like to be a BETA reader let me know.

What do you get?
You get a copy of my latest books ahead of everyone else! Ideally, a week in advance to give you time to read it and create a review.

If you are interested I’ll add you to a new mailing list which I will use to send you the books and keep you up to date with the latest ARC team news.

I’m always in need of reviews for my other books too so just let me know if you’d like copies (reviews must be written for them in exchange).

My next planned releases are – 
Voyage for the Sundered Crown
The Supreme

What do you have to do?
Get a brand new book for FREE, read it, write a review and post it to Amazon, Goodreads and other retailers the day of the official book launch. Easy!

Follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, oh and please subscribe to my mailing list for the latest news and book deals.

11 thoughts on “Join my ARC Team!

  1. Hey Matthew, My memory being the way it is (long story), I don’t know if I have ever read and reviewed any of your books, I have read the blurbs and love the sound of them but never purchased any due to them being out of my price range. Social Security doesn’t go as far as I’d like. I read and review pretty much all genres since it doesn’t matter the genre as long as the book sounds like something I would love to read. Anyway, if you feel you need any more folks to read your ARCs, I’m your Senior woman.

  2. Hi, I have read, reviewed and proof read over 70 fantasy books for authors over the past 2 years for T.J Green, Donald D Allen, Eileen Mueller and many others. I love reading Dragon books and if you are looking to recruit more ARC readers, I’ve just finished R.E Davies’ latest book which is almost ready for publication so I’m available.

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