2020 has felt a bit like a perpetual Halloween for many thanks to the pandemic that is impacting all of our lives.

Get the Nightblade for FREE!

This year’s festivities are likely to be very muted compared to other years (much to the dismay of my wife!). As the Nightblade is the spookiest book I have, it’s available for free from today until the 20th of October.

Meet Merli the Cat!

Elsewhere we have a new addition to my household! Meet Merli, the kitten. She’s a playful little critter who has brought a lot of fun during these rather depressing times.
(Some pics below!)

Voyage for the Sundered Crown

In other news, I’m beavering away on Book 4 of the Sundered Crown Saga and have commissioned the new artwork for the book ahead of its November 30th release. Check it out below! Hopefully, there won’t be any unforeseen disasters that will force me to push back the release but I can never rule it out. Oh, and Book 1 in the Saga Heir to the Sundered Crown is just 0.99p/c until November 30th! 

Get Heir to the Sundered Crown for just 0.99p/c

October 14th 2020 marked the 954th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, a pivotal moment in British and world history. To commemorate the battle I’ve put my historical fiction novel Unconquered: Blood of Kings on sale for just 0.99p/c on Kindle and other formats. If you’re a fan of bloody battles, Viking warriors and epic stories you’ll enjoy this one. A sequel is in the works too!

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