You were the chosen one CDPR

You might have seen the headlines in the gaming press about the response to Cyberpunk 2077’s launch, how CD Project Red (the creators of in my opinion the best game of the previous generation in the form of the Witcher 3) basically lied to consumers over the state of the game on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Well, I am sad to say that all of the outrage is well placed.

The fact that CDPR refused to allow reviewers to show footage of the game recorded by themselves and how not one reviewer could review the console versions, alarm bells should have been ringing.

The shitty practices by CDPR regarding the launch have now placed them in the same categories of loathed companies such as EA and Activision. After all their talk of hailing themselves as the consumers champion they turned out to be nothing but frauds.

Now, that is not to say they cannot turn this reputation around, but sadly the damage has been done, and quite frankly, they deserve everything they get.

Cyberpunk? More like Cyberbugged

So, let us get into the game. The saddest thing is that there is clearly a good plot to the game. The characters are interesting, and it sets the tone up well for an action techno thriller, but unfortunately that is about the only good thing I can say about it.

What kills the game is the bugs. Some are hilarious, some are downright disturbing and the rest, well, this game should never have been allowed to be sold in its current state. Even with the latest patch the game crashes constantly and the immersion is ruined by glitches and bugs.

At one point I had to restart the entire thing due to a bug where I was unable to use any weapons. Not something you want in a game that often sees you forced into combat situations.

Check out this video for just some of the worst bugs that have been recorded. Personally, I’ve experienced a variation of all of them.

I’ve experienced all of these!

It’s all smoke and mirrors

The bugs are terrible and the performance on the Xbox One is laughable. When you compare it to games like Red Dead Redemption or GTA5, Cyberpunk 2077 is awful in comparison. I’ve seen the argument that players on the older consoles deserve these issues due to them not upgrading to the next gen or investing in a PC, to them I say, ‘No idiots. This game was advertised as a game for the Xbox One and PS4. Therefore it should run on them to an acceptable standard.’

I also have issue with how this game was marketed. In the ads and trailers it was portrayed that the player could live another life in Night City and yet when you actually get into the game the world is lifeless and dead.

There are hardly any pedestrians on the streets of what is supposed to be a mega city. The roads are devoid of traffic and as for other activities outside of the main story and boring mercenary jobs there is nothing to do.

The driving is terrible, you cannot customise anything save your character right at the start of the game, you cannot customise cars as was hinted at, you cannot engage in side activities or even interact much with the world around you.

Older games have achieved the living world vibe far better than this one. Heck even the world of the Fallout games feels like a bustling living breathing worlds in comparison and they are set in a literal apocalypse.

The shooting and combat is average at best and while the guns sound great the actual fighting is often janky with terrible frame rates. The enemy A.I is virtually non-existent, and I have lost count of the number of times I’ve seen enemies fall through the floor or just T-pose while I shoot them. Also, the decision to make enemies into bullet sponges is an odd choice and a mechanic that I have always hated in video games.

Hugely disappointing

Unless CDPR give Cyberpunk 2077 a massive overhaul that fixes the bugs, improves performance, and breathes some actual life into the game world I’m afraid to say it just isn’t worth playing at the moment.

It’s a videogame that tries it’s hand at many things and fails at all of them. It cannot compete with older games like Deus Ex for combat and stealth, it cannot compete with GTA when it comes to creating urban settings and it fails as an immersive Role Playing Game.

In short, Cyberpunk 2077 is a massive disappointment and a depressing end to an already shitty year.

If only this was true…

Final Verdict: 4/10

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