It’s release day for The Crimson Blade! If you’re a fan of darker fantasy, assassins and criminal underworlds you’ll enjoy this one. Set twenty years before the events of Heir to the Sundered Crown you will discover just who the mysterious Crimson Blades assassins are and how they came to be. Here’s the blurb –

Killers, Murderers, Assassins.

The Crimson Blades strike fear into the hearts of all who cross their path.

When, Vaylin a low born merchant sees his wife and child murdered by the Knights of Niveren for wielding magic, he embarks on a quest for revenge that will cut a bloody swathe through the Kingdom of Delfinnia.

As he embarks on his deadly quest of vengeance, he will be embroiled in the realms criminal underworld and encounter an ancient evil that promises him the power he seeks to enact his bloody retribution.

With the Crimson Blade in hand, Vaylin will become an unstoppable killing machine but in exchange, he must sacrifice everything, including his soul.

Get your copy today in ebook and paperback formats!

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