Some of you may remember that years ago I wrote a historical fiction novel. My first one in fact! Well, finally after years of being distracted with other genres I am close to finishing book 2.

However, because it’s been years since the first I’ve decided to rewrite it and the new book content to it as well as give it a brand new cover. Behold the new look and soon to be re-released Unconquered: Blood of Kings. (Don’t worry I’m still working on the fantasy stuff too). If you want to be an ARC reader for the book send me an email at and I’ll add you to my growing ARC team.

The new look Unconquered: Blood of Kings will be released later this year!

A Halloween Book Sale

It’s October, which means we’re gearing up for Halloween. To celebrate this spooky time of year I’ve put the Crimson Blade (if you love assassins and evil witches) you’ll love this book on sale for just 0.99p/c from now until the end of the month! Get your copy from the link below.

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