Character Profile – Faramond Keenblade


(One of the new characters in the Sundered Crown Saga Book Two)

The second son of King Thoris of the Keenblade tribe, Faramond had little prospect of becoming the leader of his people.

From childhood he was trained in the ways of his people. Archery, horsemanship and the ways of the sword became second nature to him just as it was to the other warriors of the Great Plains.

The tribes of the plains often clashed with each other and on the rare occasions that they set aside their differences they would fight the armies of Delfinnia. At the age of just 10 Faramond rode with his father and brother in the vanguard of his people against the Delfinnian fortress known as the Watchers.

For centuries the tribesexperienced a mixed relationship with the Kingdom of Delfinnia. At times the tribes had fought in the Delfinnian armies as mercenaries, whilst in others they waged war upon them. The wars against the realm often came in times of famine or desperation for the tribal people. Knowing this, the Delfinnian Kings would pay off the tribes with food and gold, and once again the tribes would return to their nomadic way of life.

At the age of sixteen the Yundols invaded Delfinnia. With the situation growing desperate in the East the king of Delfinnia begged the tribes for aid against the foreign attackers. After a long meeting of the tribal kings it was decided that the tribes would ride to their foes aid. In return they demanded that Delfinnia reclaim a city at the far western edge of the plains. The city known as Stormglade.

It had once been place for the tribes to gather in safety in times of famine or war. Now however it was in the hands of the self proclaimed Merchant Kings, men formerly of the King’s legion who had deserted and sought to carve out a realm for themselves. For decades the city had been a thorn in the side of the tribes.

For the first time since the days of Marcus the Mighty the Watchers threw open its gates and allowed the tribal horde to pass through freely.

Faramond and his elder brother Rafin led the Keenblade tribe into battle and at the battle of the Marble Shore the skill of the tribal horse archers won Delfinnia a great victory. The war raged on for years and by its end Rafin was dead and Faramond very much changed.

Bringing the body of his brother home, Faramond had to watch as his father went mad from greif. With their King broken it was up to the only surviving heir to step up to the challenge of leadership.

Delfinnia kept its word and built the city the tribes had requested but that was as far as the realms gratitude ended. The heavy gates of the Watchers were sealed shut yet again and the tribes left to wander and brave the many perils of the Great Plains. As for reclaiming Stormglade, Delfinnia broke its promise.

Shortly after the war against the Yundols, the tribes were hit by famine and war. Faramond took the title of heir and soon proved himself a skilled leader of men. The Keenblade people survived because of his leadership.

Now his people face a new threat. One that has come from across the sea. Strange ships have landed on the coast and the city of Stormglade has fallen into darkness. Tales of wicked magic’s being practised behind its gates have caused some to believe that the dark one, Danon took refuge there after his defeat at Eclin.

The tribes are fearful and on the move, as this strange evil hunts them across the vastness of the plains. Knowing that his people are in deadly peril Faramond led his people East to the fortress of the Watchers in a desperate attempt to find them safety. It is there that we will first meet Faramond in Asphodel: Book Two in the Sundered Crown Saga.

Faramond is brave beyond measure but has a temper that has often led to him getting fights, luckily his martial skills have kept him alive…so far.

Character Profiles HTTSC Part Eight – Luxon Edioz

Character Profiles HTTSC Part Eight – Luxon Edioz

The boy that would become known as Luxon the Legendary, the boy who would grow up to be the first wizard seen in the world for a century.

Luxon was born in Delfinnia’s capital city of Sunguard. His father, Garrick had been a noble in the King’s court and his mother Drusilla a woman who had always been something of a mystery. His early life was spent playing in the wealthy part of the city. At a young age he excelled at academic studies and loved to learn the old tales of the land.

His mother was often away, she would disappear for long periods of time, but always she would return. Luxon was close to his father and on several occasions squired for him when he was in meetings or sent away on diplomatic missions. Strangely for such a young man Luxon was well traveled, having accompanied his father around the kingdom and one time he had travelled to the far western city of BlackMoor with his mother to visit one of her friends.

Luxon had no inkling that magic was in him until the fateful night when the King and the royal family were assassinated. In the confusion that followed Luxon’s father was arrested by the Baron of Retbit. Garrick had told the Privy Council that he had seen a girl carrying a baby out of the city. He had helped her flee the city; knowing that the child was of royal birth; the baby was Alderlade, the Fifth in line to the throne.

Retbit seeking to take power for him-self threw Garrick in chains, branded him a liar and promptly had him executed. Luxon was powerless to save his father and he too would have been taken by the baron’s men had it not been for his mother. She snuck them out of the city and fled north. On the journey she revealed to her son a secret. Magic was in him and that he would be safe in the Mage realm of Caldaria in the north.

After a long journey the two arrived at the city gates. Drusilla pushed a token into her son’s hand, kissed him goodbye and left him. Luxon begged her not to leave him but she pried his hands from her leg and told him to be brave. That was the last time he saw her.

After that the mages allowed him into the city, the token showing the mages that he was one of them. He was quickly enrolled into the Mage School. With no knowledge of magic it took him several weeks before the Master’s were able to awaken Luxon’s power. It proved to be far stronger than anyone had suspected.

As the years passed Luxon became good friends with another boy named Yepert. The two got into mischief and made an enemy of the baron of Retbit’s son, Accadus. Luxon’s rivalry with Accadus was fierce as they both tried to outdo each other.

In Heir to the Sundered Crown we meet Luxon on the eve of when he discovers his true power. A power that will change the world forever.

Heir to the Sundered Crown is out tomorrow on July 1st!




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Character Profiles HTTSC Part Seven – Accadus of Retbit

The second and youngest son of the baron of Retbit, Accadus was never intended to rule. A good job too as at a young age he began to show signs of possessing magic. Unknown to him he was actually the result of an illegitimate union between his father the Baron and a female mage who had been pressed into his rule. In secret the mage had been forced to aid the baron.

In tourney’s she had used her tricks to allow the baron to win, in diplomacy she had manipulated the baron’s foes.

The baron treated his son with distain and Accadus grew bitter and cruel. Often he would use his powers to harm those he disliked. One day he tried to hurt his elder brother, he was jealous of the heir to the lands of Retbit. Only his father’s intervention had stopped him from killing his half sibling. The baron then knew that he could not control his youngest son.

Ashamed of his son the Baron sent Accadus to Caldaria where he hoped that his son would learn to wield his powers and perhaps one day return to become an asset like his mother had been. The mage at first resisted her son being taken from her and so the baron had her exposed for what she was. Under the laws of Delfinnia she was considered a danger, a heretic and as such she paid the price with her life.

Upon arriving in Caldaria at the age of eleven Accadus quickly earned a reputation for being a bully and often used his powers to play cruel tricks on the other students. The school masters saw potential in the boy however and kept him on. Threats from the baron of Retbit, now the most powerful baron in the kingdom also prevented the masters from expelling his son.

When news broke that the King had been assassinated Caldaria quickly recalled all mages and Nightblades back to the city. Without the King it was feared that the peoples of Delfinnia would turn on those magic users allowed in their midst, the distrust of their kind remained strong despite the Magic Wars end centuries previously. The concerns were warranted as even healers were targeted by mobs.

A few days after the news broke a boy named Luxon arrived in the Mage city. Accadus soon learned that Luxon’s father had branded his own a liar over the events which had occurred in the capital and those which surrounded the murder of the King.

It didn’t take long for the two to become enemies. As the years passed the two boys constantly clashed. At the start of Heir to the Sundered Crown we meet Luxon as he tries to outwit Accadus.

It will prove to be a rivalry that will shape the world.


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Character Profiles HTTSC Part Six – Alira

Alira spent most of her young life in hiding. She was born in the city of Robinta on Delfinnia’s northern shore at a time when witch hunters scoured the land for illegal magic users. Her father was such a person.

He was a mage who had left the mage realm of Caldaria to be with the woman he loved. For years they had lived in peace as he hid his powers from the world, unfortunately when Alira’s mother fell pregnant the magic was impossible to hide.

On the day of Alira’s eleventh birthday the Knights of Niveren swept into Robinta. The knights had been tasked with rooting out illegal mages and turned the city over in their search. In a desperate attempt to protect his daughter, Alira’s father used his magic. He struck down one of the hunters with a spell. Upon seeing his actions other illegal spell casters joined him. A vicious battle erupted resulting in the city being set ablaze.

In the confusion Alira’s mother managed to flee with her daughter. In the fighting Alira’s father perished. Since that day the city of Robinta has held a memorial service every year to remember those who died. Noticeably the magic users are branded the villains and no words of sorrow are spoken for them.

Alira’s mother fled east to find help. Her own mother lived in the Great Forest. After a week on the road the weary travellers arrived at the edge of forest and there found shelter with Alira’s grandmother.

For a while the three lived in peace in the forest, Alira enjoyed the sounds and smells of nature. One day however that all changed when a scream pierced the air. Alira and her grandmother ran outside of their house to see Alira’s mother being attacked by a Fell beast of the Void. Helpless to save her mother they could only watch in horror as the banshee drained the woman’s blood.

Once it had finished with her it turned its attention to the two other women. With its unearthly screech it attacked. Just as it was about to strike them down Alira’s grandmother pulled a pendant from her blouse. The silver object was in the shape of the seven pointed star of Niveren, it unleashed a blinding light which sent the banshee fleeing back into the trees.

The pendant was magical in nature Alira’s grandmother explained, given to her by another old woman that lived deeper in the woods. Alira was surprised that her grandmother possessed such an object for she had always scorned and belittled any mention of magic in the past.

Over the next few days Alira buried her mother but her grandmother began to act strangely. Alira would catch the old woman muttering to herself. She grew hateful, constantly sniping and yelling at Alira.

One day her grandmother told Alira to go deeper into the forest and to take the pendant with her for protection.

She wanted her granddaughter to find the old woman in the forest and thank her for the amulet. Alira did as she was told curious as to the identity of this strange other old woman, a woman who knew magic. She ventured into the forest and sure enough deeper into the woods she encountered the woman.

What happens next is revealed in Heir to the Sundered Crown. (Released July 1st on Kindle)


Character Profiles HTTSC Part Five – General Rason

Rason is Delfinnia’s greatest battle commander, a title hard won through war and conflict.

Born on the southern isle of Zahnia, Rason quickly learned to fear the sea and what it often brought. He was just a child when the Yundols returned to Delfinnia’s shores and it was through sheer luck and the determination of his parents that he survived the raiders attack upon the island. The Yundols were brutal warriors from the desert lands across the Yundol Sea and for centuries had been enemies to Delfinnia.

The raiders came and raped and pillaged, destroying the old city of Zahnia in the process. Thousands perished, but Rason and his family did not. Instead they fled west to the Barony of Champia and there made a new life.

As Rason grew older he couldn’t shake the horrors of the Yundols from his memory and so headed to the capital at Sunguard to enlist in the King’s Legion. In his gut he knew the Yundols would return.

In the years of peace Rason quickly rose through the ranks until he was made a captain of the Sunguard Legion. During the Legions regular campaigns against the warlords and tribes folk of the Great Plains his ability to inspire his men and his determination to fight at their side made him an immensely popular leader.

Sure enough however his fears came true as the Yundols returned. A thousand ships bristling with hundreds of warriors arrived on the southern coast. Once more the island of Zahnia was ravaged and the barony of Champia was attacked. Only the strong walls of the baron’s citadels prevented the region to fall.

Alongside the Bloodsword mercenaries the Yundols assaulted the Marble Shore.  Rason’s legion however was not sent there, instead they were dispatched to the Barony of Retbit were the Yundols had landed the bulk of their forces.

Within a month the invaders had swept northwards forcing the Baron of Retbit to flee towards the village of Plock and abandon his homelands. Outside the village five of the King’s legions joined forces with Retbit and troops from Eclin and Balnor.

A few miles south of Plock the forces of Delfinnia fought the Yundol invaders in the ‘battle of the bloody shore’. Rason was in the thick of the fighting his men carving a way through the enemy. It was in the battle that a Yundol axe almost took his eye and too this day the scar remains.

As victory seemed close Yundol ships landed to the north, the Delfinnian’s were surrounded. With most of the Sunguard legion commander’s slain Rason assumed command and quickly marched north to hold the new threat.

Rason and his men set an ambush which goes down in legend. His five hundred men funnelled the enemy into a ravine and there locked shields. Wave after wave of Yundols charged but every attack was broken. On Rasons signal, men hidden high up on the ravine created a landslide which enveloped the invaders. Thousands of the enemy perished and the Yundol advance was broken.

For four years Rason and his men pushed the Yundols back towards the sea. He proved himself again and again, winning many battles in the hell of Retbit’s stifling jungles. As the war neared its end the King himself appointed Rason, General of the Legion, the highest title a warrior of the Legion could achieve.


Character Profiles HTTSC Part Four – Woven

Character Profiles HTTSC Part Four – Woven

Born in the city of Eclin, Woven had a hard start to life. His father had perished a month before his birth fighting in the King’s Legion against the Yundol invaders, and his mother died giving birth to him. As with all orphans in the mountain city he was sent to the city’s orphanage which was funded by the Baron of Eclin himself.

There he was raised by the Old Matron, a woman with a reputation for kindness and her good deeds, things would have been fine except that the title was a lie. Behind closed doors Old Matron was cruel and treated the orphans like slaves. As Woven grew his hatred for the old hag grew until the children arranged an ‘accident’ for their tormentor.

Every night Old Matron would cook the children a vile stew made up of left over’s from the nearby Inns kitchens. Whilst the child ate horrid food she would feast on the best food that her stipend from the Baron would allow.

One day as Old Matron was cooking the stew Woven and a few other children ran up behind the hag and pushed her into the huge boiling cauldron. Needless to say Old Matrons screams could be heard clear across the city. Tales now say that some nights you can hear the ghost of Old Matron’s screams on the wind.

With Old Matron’s death the Baron’s men entered the orphanage to discover the horrid conditions in which the children had been forced to live. At just six years old Woven was given to a foster family living in the old part of the city. For the rest of his childhood he played amongst the alleyways, happy to be free of the orphanage.

On his sixteenth birthday Woven joined the Eclin Rangers, an elite unit of warriors tasked with patrolling the vast wilderness of the Eclin Mountains.  The training was hard and many new recruits perished in the first years as they succumbed to the bitter cold or the Fell beasts that stalked the peaks.

Remnants from the magic wars stalked the passes, Werewolves, un-dead and other foul leftovers all prayed on the unwary travellers.

Woven survived and learnt the skills of tracking, archery, sword craft and alchemy. He learnt how to survive the wilds and live off of the land. He rose through the ranks quickly and took part in a number of the Knights of Niveren Crusades into the mountains. His knowledge of the land and his skills in battle earned him renown and the rank of Ranger Captain.

Disturbing reports from the settlements nestled deep within the mountains began to reach the rangers. Tales of an army marching south and destroying all it encountered caused the Eclin rangers to head deep into the mountains.

As the Eclin army prepared defences at Fuio Pass Woven and his comrade Carlock were sent to scout out the enemy positions and that is where we first meet Woven in Heir to the Sundered Crown.


Character Profiles HTTSC Part Three – Sophia Cunning

Character Profiles HTTSC Part Three – Sophia Cunning

The only child of the realms most feared Witch hunter Sophia had little choice but to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Born in the city of Balnor, Sophia grew up in a time when fear of magic users was high. An assassin wielding magic had tried to kill the King but had failed thanks to the actions of the King’s Legion. Ever since the monarch had feared those with magic and reintroduced an old law which forbade the use of magic outside of Caldaria.

Bounties upon mages and spell users living outside of the mage realm of Caldaria were worth small fortunes and so hunting became a profitable business.

Unlike other witch hunters however Sophia’s father was not concerned with coin. Instead he had a long and deep hatred for mages. He blamed them for the ills of the world and most importantly he blamed them for the death of his first wife.

Sophia’s mother was his second bride and she was little loved. She raised Sophia well and taught her to be strong. As with most Delfin women Sophia was educated from an early age being sent to one of Balnor’s prodigious academies. There she had excelled in a wide number of subjects including alchemy.

She loved to learn but always her father dragged her from her books to instead learn the ways of the bow and the sword. Most importantly he taught her to kill magic users.

At the age of sixteen Sophia became a fully fledged witch hunter and quickly earned a reputation for successful hunts. To her father’s ire however she often chose to spare the magic users life, instead delivering them into custody of the King’s Legion. Most of those she spared were granted clemency on the grounds of exile to Caldaria.

Compassionate and streetwise Sophia became a favourite with the people she helped.

In her early twenty’s she embarked on a hunt that would change her life forever. A plea for help had come from a small village at the edge of the BlackMoor. Rumours that a witch had been kidnapping children drew Sophia to the case.

She may not have killed often but she always saved her arrows for those monsters that harmed the young and innocent.

As she crossed the BlackMoor on the way back from the futile hunt she stumbled across a man in distress. It turned out that the man was Ferran of Blackmoor a Nightblade. After aiding the Nightblade they parted ways but it wasn’t long before they reencountered one another in the town of Ridderford. Sophia’s quarry had fled east and the witch’s trail had led her to the town nestled upon the banks of the Ridder River.

In the town she made contact with the local Fleet Foot thieves’ guild in order to get some information. As she met the guild’s leader, a man named Thrift she met with Ferran once more. He too was looking for information, specifically about who had broken into the town’s ancient crypt and stolen a corpse from within.

That same night Ridderford was attacked by a horde of Redcap Goblins. In the confusion of the battle Sophia saved Ferran’s life and a bond was forged between them.

During the adventures they shared they fell in love but their happiness was to be short-lived.

She joined the Nightblade on his hunt for what he thought was a Lich. Instead what they discovered was far worse. The long thought dead N’gist cult had returned and had begun to infiltrate parts of the kingdoms aristocracy and military. To Sophia’s horror her own father had made a deal with the N’gist. In return for assassinating the King the N’gist would use their necromantic magic to restore his beloved first wife to life.

Sophia aided Ferran in destroying the N’gist but when asked to help take down her father she refused. She could not bring herself to murder her own parent. Ferran however had no such qualms and did the deed.

She hasn’t spoken to Ferran since. The death of her father brought the Witch hunters guild to ruin and so Sophia made her way north to Caldaria where she seeks redemption from the magic users she helped her father hunt and kill.

Caldaria is where we first meet Sophia in Heir to the Sundered Crown. Her skills will be put to the test.


Character Profiles HTTSC Part two – Sir Kaiden of the Marble Shore

Kaiden was born in the region which lies to the east of the barony of Kingsford on the southern coast and Lake Estran. The narrow strip of coastline which runs for two hundred miles to the east and the borders of the Fell Forest is known as the Marble Shore. It was that land that Kaiden’s father ruled.

The Marble shore was a wealthy region due to the copious amounts of the sought after rock that gave the area its name. Kaiden’s family lived in a castle which overlooked the shore and guarded the passes north which led to the heart of the realm. As such the region was a dangerous place as petty warlords and raiders from the sea often preyed upon the trade caravans and merchant vessels which frequented the lands roads and coastline.

As a young boy Kaiden was taught the ways of the sword and was taught the lessons of Niveren. He was a bright child and one that was quick to learn. His life was comfortable and safe behind the walls of his father’s castle. That was until the day when the warlord Sendar landed on the Marble shore.

Sendar led a band of mercenary’s called the Bloodswords. The group was comprised of pirates from Yundol, tribesmen from the Great Plains and many vicious men from the forest tribes. They were hell bent on capturing the Marble shores wealth and so launched a campaign of terror which led to the sacking of many of the shores towns and villages.

Kaiden’s father Sir Frederick appealed to the King for help but was told that it would take time for help to arrive. Instead he was ordered to hold the coast until reinforcements could be mustered from Kingsford and a legion dispatched from Bison to the West.

With the Bloodswords quickly advancing upon his castle Frederick had no choice but to lead his men into battle against the vicious raiders.

With just two hundred men Sir Frederick held his castle but in the desperate fighting he was slain by a crossbow bolt through his neck. The man died in his son’s arms, a moment that would shape Kaiden’s destiny forever.

Upon his father’s death Kaiden’s elder brother Duncan assumed the title of Lord of the Marble Shore. Over the next decade the war against the Bloodswords grew more intense as Sendar received support from Yundol warlords from across the sea. The Kings legion battled the invaders and Kaiden’s brother spent much of his rule in battle. Kaiden meanwhile was growing into a man in his own right and was desperate to avenge his father.

He trained every day with the sword until he felt ready. He was twenty and in his prime. With nothing but a simple set of chainmail armour and his trusty sword he set out to find Sendar and end his miserable life.

The warlord was not difficult to find. All he had to do was follow the trail of destruction left by the Bloodswords. He infiltrated Sendar’s camp and brazenly challenged the warlord to mortal combat. The deal being that if he won then the Bloodswords would return to their ships and never return to the Marble Shore.

Impressed by Kaiden’s bravery the arrogant Sendar agreed.

In just two moves Kaiden plunged his sword deep into the warlord’s heart. His stunned followers instantly threw down their weapons and fled. The young man had saved the Marble Shore from ruin.

Instead of being rewarded for his bravery however, his jealous elder brother banished him, forcing him to flee his homeland.

After a year living as a sell sword Kaiden encountered a Knight of Niveren who was on the search for new recruits for the order. Impressed with the young man’s skills the Knight took Kaiden to the priory of Niveren located at Lake Summil. For the next five years Kaiden was trained in the ways of the knights.

Finally he was knighted as Sir Kaiden. His first mission undertaken for the order was the crusade into the Eclin Mountains. During the campaign Kaiden excelled in battle against the fell beasts and un-dead left over’s of the Magic Wars.

In the early days after the royal family was assassinated the Knights of Niveren were used as peacekeepers. Quickly the situation deteriorated across the kingdom and the Knights were quickly overwhelmed. As civil war swept Delfinnia the Knights were forced to retreat back to Lake Summil.

The order did what it could to try and restore the peace. It was decided that the Order would try to remain neutral in the war of claimants and instead focus on keeping order in the realms restive regions.

Kaiden was dispatched to negotiate a truce between the Baron of Retbit and his son who had rebelled against his father and captured a castle on the barony’s border.

Kaiden may be skilled with the sword but diplomacy is not his strong point. His attempts at negotiations ended in failure and the baron had him locked away in Retbit’s dungeons.

In Heir to the Sundered Crown we first meet Kaiden in his jail cell little aware of the events that would follow.


Character Profiles HTTSC Part one – Ferran of Blackmoor

Ferran’s early life was one of sorrow and cruelty. The illegitimate son of the Baron of Blackmoor and his mistress, the lady Esmere, Ferran’s life was in mortal danger.

The Baron’s jealous wife took action to destroy her rival by sending word to the Witch hunter’s guild that Esmere had used magic to seduce her husband.

At just one-week old Ferran was snatched from his mother’s arms.

The witch hunters did their work well and Esmere was burnt at the stake. The baby, however, was spared a similar fate after the Baron ordered his personal Nightblade Alther to smuggle the boy to safety.

Alther did as he was commanded and took the baby boy east to the town of Ridderford. There, Ferran was placed in the care of a kindly family. Happiness was short-lived however as at the age of seven the Witch hunters returned.

Angry that the boy had escaped his clutches years earlier, the Witch hunter general Elias Cunning attacked the town. In the fighting that followed, Ferran managed to hide but his foster family were slain.

Alone and vulnerable the boy became a street urchin. Thieving became his only means to survive. It was then that he joined the Fleet Foots.  Whilst he was trying to pickpocket a hooded figure his life changed. The man turned out to be none other than the Nightblade Alther. The man caught the boy and took pity on him.

The Nghtblade took Ferran north to the mage realm of Caldaria. It was there that Alther told Ferran the truth. His mother had been gifted with magic. Over the following months he taught Ferran how to tap into his power. It quickly became obvious that the boy was naturally gifted in spellcraft and so Alther took him to see the masters of the city and seeing his power they took him in.

The following years saw Ferran trained in the city’s schools. His tendency to find trouble and get into scraps with the other children however singled him out to not become a mage but something else, a Nightblade.

For five years he trained until the day came when he was granted the armour and weapon of his creed. In his final test Ferran created the Tourmaline Blade ‘Sunlight’, the blade that would go down in legend.

Years followed and Ferran quickly gained a fearsome reputation. His skills at vanquishing Fell beasts and his daring deeds quickly earned him a reputation. His fame grew until the King himself took an interest. Ferran was hired by the crown to embark on a special mission; one that the King believed would have dire consequences for the realm.

During the mission Ferran discovered that the N’gist cult, long thought dead, had returned and was planning to revive their master, Danon. With the aid of the thief Thrift and a witch hunter called Sophia he learned that the mastermind behind the plot was the corrupted Witch Hunter General Elias Cunning, Sophia’s father.

Ferran and Sophia had fallen in love but she would not believe that her father was a traitor. Due to his own experiences Ferran knew better.

Calling in the support of the Nightblade order, Ferran led an assault against the N’gist stronghold in the Great Wood and used ‘Sunlight’ to defeat the cult’s master, the half Lich lord Zarul.

With the N’gist defeated Ferran then sought out Cunning who was planning on assassinating the king. At a banquet in Sunguard the witch hunter general planned to poison the King. Ferran stopped him just in time.

The two fought and in the King’s throne room Ferran killed the Witch Hunter General. Since that day Ferran and Sophia have avoided one another.

A few years after the incident in Sunguard the King and his entire family was assassinated by the Crimson Blades sparking the events of the Heir to the Sundered Crown.

With no King the Nightblades were forced to return to Caldaria, the only place where magic was allowed to be practised. Ferran refused the summons; instead he continued to hunt the fell beasts.

It was then that he was nicknamed the Rogue Blade.