Firebound Authors

Firebound Books is a collective of fantasy and science fiction writers.

Rob May – Rob May studied English at Lancaster University and is the illustrator for Super Maths World and Super Science World. He is the author of Dragon Killer, Roll the Bones and Sirensbane, the first three books in a series of fantasy thrillers featuring Kal Moonheart – adventurer, gambler and thief.

Rob is currently writing science fiction adventure Lethal Planet—the final book in the Alien Disaster Trilogy. He lives in Warwickshire, England.

Kate Cudahy-

Kate Cudahy comes from north-west England. She studied literature at the universities of Essex and York before moving to Poland in 2003, where she teaches English as a second language.

Kate writes fantasy fiction with an LGBT focus. Her novels Hal and Hannac follow the exploits of a young duellist, Hal Thæc, as she searches for love against the odds. Kate is currently writing a third novel, The Firefarer epic fantasy with a postmodern twist.

T.J Garret – Over the past two years,Tony Garrett  has become not only an avid reader, but also a fairly prolific writer. What makes Tony’s story remarkable is this fact: Tony is legally blind, and – even with the assistance of digital displays – reading is a chore. Despite this T.J has managed to write fantastic epic novels.

M.S Olney – and then of course there’s me!