Pre-order The Temple of Arrival

It's almost here! After almost 2 years of work, I've finally finished writing book 2 in the Empowered Ones Series. If you enjoyed The First Fear this story continues the saga of Elian, Lizella, Marcian and your other favourite characters. The response to book 1 was incredible and I hope book 2 doesn't disappoint. Pre-order your … Continue reading Pre-order The Temple of Arrival

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker *Spoiler Review*

Never has a movie split the Star Wars fandom more than episode 9. After the train wreck and utter disrespect for the franchise seen in The Last Jedi, I went into this one expecting the absolute worst. Blame Disney Now, before I tell you my view on the movie, I just want to point out … Continue reading Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker *Spoiler Review*

A Sneak Peek at The Temple of Arrival (Empowered Ones Book Two)

Hi everyone, I thought I'd share some of book two in the Empowered Ones series; The Temple of Arrival. I hope you enjoy it and if you haven't already please sign up to the newsletter.   The Asylum The monotonous tapping of water striking stone was comforting to Skit. So too, was the constant flickering … Continue reading A Sneak Peek at The Temple of Arrival (Empowered Ones Book Two)