Brief History of Delfinnia Part Two

Part 2 – History of the Niver (1 OM- 8000OM)

The first folk settled at the base of the mountaintop upon which sat the city of Niveren, Sunguard. The war with Danon and his dark kin had reduced the once mighty city into a ruin. The glorious stone walls and temples still stood but the first men decided against rebuilding it as an act of respect for their champion. Gradually the Niver as they named themselves spread in all directions until they had a presence in the Eclin Mountains in the far north and in the basin of the Ridder River to the southwest. Various villages and kingdoms appeared and trade flourished between them.

Over the centuries the Niver took to the seas founding new lands all over Esperia. During the age of peace, technology blossomed as the first iron tools were developed. Hunting gave way to farming and with the use of magic many new skills were discovered. As magic use became more common the mages appeared. Over the centuries most of the folk began to forget the ways of old, instead focusing on farming, trade and government, the mages however continued to devote themselves to magic use.

It was the use of magic that paved the way to disaster for the early folk. A mage whose name was lost to history inadvertedly opened a portal to the void. Unable to reseal it the monsters of Vectrix entered the world of man. The first fell beasts burst forth from the Void. At first the beasts ran rampant across the world but, men are tenacious. An alliance of the kingdoms of the Niver banded together and over time culled the beast’s numbers. The best at hunting the monsters of the void were the specialist magic yielding hunters known as the Nightblades, the order which still defends the realm from the voids horrors.

The first Wizard, Aljeron sealed the portal to the void but the gap between worlds was damaged forever, beasts of the void would always seep through.

The kingdom of Nivion rose to dominate its neighbours until an empire was forged. Like Niverens realm before it, the capital of the Empire was established on the rebuilt city of Sunguard. For 200 years the empire dominated the northern continent of Esperia until it was weakened by other rival lands from across the sea. The Tulin’s, the Sarpi and Yolla empires all arose in this period.

Danon’s revenge

The descendants of Niveren prospered for thousands of years but always lurking in the shadows was the spirit of Danon. The offspring of Danon and his wife had not been idle and whilst the world above them witnessed the rise and fall of kings and empires they focused on furthering their power in the dark arts of witchcraft and black magic. A disciple of Danon known as Necron bound his soul with magic’s so foul that the site of his wicked experiments remains tainted to this day. The first Lich was born.

Necron rose to dominate all other followers of the Dark arts and his foul influence spread to the world of men. With promises of power and riches he seduced the rulers of the Sarpi Empire. In a century that once noble and rich empire had fallen to decadence and corruption, its people once noble and fair fell into wickedness.

Soon the Lich’s influence had spread to the Yolla and Tulins until only the fractured and broken Nivion Empire remained. Once more conflict erupted on Esperia. Millions perished in the bloodletting as the Nivion desperately tried to halt Necron’s power.

At the Battle of the Greenmoor the armies of three Empires clashed and their fleets fought at sea. The already weakened Nivion’s fought bravely but the power of Necron could not be broken. A knight of the Nivion Empire called Estran did not surrender. The scars of that mighty battle are evident in Delfinnia today as the once prosperous region of Greenmoor was turned into a wasteland, today it is known as the Blackmoor.

With a sword thought to be that mighty blade Asphodel, he mortally wounded Necron in single combat before he too was killed by the Lich’s forces. To this day the peoples of Delfinnia celebrate Estran with the feast of the Brave Knight on midsummer’s eve.

In a final act Necron gave himself to the spirit of Danon. The dark lord possessed the Lich, destroying its former host. Danon walked the earth once more and the world of man fell into darkness.


Dark Ages

Not many records remain from the thousand years of night. Needless to say that the world was a miserable place, the descendants of Niveren were enslaved and all life bent to the will of Danon.

For thousands of years the gods had been widely forgotten by the peoples of Esperia. For 300 years the power of Danon ruled unopposed until a small sect of mages fled to an island off the southeast shore of the lands of Nivion. In secret they worked to repeat the process of the unnamed mage who had opened the void. They did not want to open it however; instead they tapped into the power of Vectrix, the god long lost in his own universe. Harnessing the power of a god the mages were able to commune with Chiaroscuro, the god of balance who had been slumbering as men forgot his name.

Upon seeing what had happened to the world of his mother and the descendants of his greatest creation the god wept. Darkness ruled and in the absence of light it would last an eternity.

Chiaroscuro decided to once again bring balance to the world so he created a life, a child born of light with the power to undo all of the evil and restore order, a child with the spirit of his champion Niveren.

War of reclamation

Zahnia was born on the holy isle which today bears his name. Imbued with the soul of Niveren and the powers of Chiaroscuro he was the embodiment of virtue and righteous might. His childhood was spent in hiding on the isle and the mages taught him everything they knew. His knowledge of magic was unsurpassed. On his sixteenth birthday the mages told him it was time for him to go into the world and fulfil his destiny.

His first destination was across the sea where he brought light to the world once more. He battled the forces of Danon, winning every battle with his awesome powers. One by one he overthrew the corrupted emperors of the fallen empires.

Using his wits he liberated an entire continent and offered the people hope. In his thirty fifth years Zahnia was the most powerful man on Esperia. He beat the trials set by Danon who was hell bent on corrupting him. During his adventures Zahnia forged his legendary staff Erdasol and found the long lost blade Asphodel. With those mighty weapons Zahnia headed for Sunguard, now named Moonguard. With thousands of followers and the mages at his side Zahnia battled Danon.

The two fought for days until finally Zahnia struck Danon down with Asphodel. The Dark lord remembering the blade from long before cowered at its touch but did not die, so Zahnia raised his staff Erdasol and with a flash of lightning and fire from the sky was Danon defeated for a second time.

To prevent Danon from ever returning to the world of men Zahnia reopened the portal to the void and banished the dark one into it.

The age of darkness was over and the world reclaimed for the light.

A brief history of Delfinnia Part 1

With the Heir for the Sundered Crown due for release in the Summer I thought I would share with you some of the world building I did for the book. Once a week I will post one part of the brief history which will be included at the back of the book.

Part 1- Creation and origins (2,000ABT- 1 year OM)

This period is also known as the age of myths, none of what follows has been proven to be real aside from the tale of Danon.

The Gods

In the beginning of the universe there was nothing but darkness. Sitting alone in the empty cold was Aniron the first of the Gods. She floated throughout the blackness, sad that she could not see. Boredom was her nemesis and so to entertain herself she clapped her hands and created the stars. With light she could see, but still she was not impressed. So she decided to create the worlds. For eons she flitted from world to world marvelling at their wonders but still she was not impressed. So she decided to create life. If she could exist, then why couldn’t others? She wanted to share what she had made. So she took a part of her essence and gave birth to other gods to keep her company.


For a while the new gods played and were happy amongst the stars and worlds that Aniron had created, but one, her eldest son grew sad. Vectrix grew jealous of Aniron’s creations and wished for the power to create as she had done. One day when Aniron was walking on the world of Esperia, her favourite, Vectrix came to her.

“Why can only you create?” he asked of his mother. ‘I too want to create, I want your power, for I have visions of such wonder and beauty that it would make you weep.”

Aniron smiled at her son. She took his head in her hands and kissed him deeply. The two made love on the surface of Esperia, their lovemaking creating life in the process. After they were done Aniron held Vectrix in her arms and whispered; “Look what we have created, new life that is not god, but beautiful nonetheless.”

Vectrix watched in awe at the life that had appeared. Beasts of all kinds roamed Esperia, the oceans were full of fish, the skies of birds and the land flourished with flowers and beauty. He wept.

“This is beautiful indeed.’ He said ‘but it is not mine. This is your favourite world.’ His voice grew louder, creating the winds, and his tone grew angry creating the mountains as it cracked the land. “You tricked me into making life on your world, the power is still yours!” he cried.

Angry at Aniron’s betrayal he reached down and snapped off the top of the tallest mountain. With all his might he hurled it at his mother striking her down. In his rage Vectrix stole his mother’s power; the wounded Aniron was powerless to stop him. He absorbed her until there was nothing left but her voice on the winds. Realising what he had done Vectrix fled Esperia and cowered.

The Heavens war

When the other gods discovered what Vectrix had done they wept. Their sorrow was replaced with rage and greed. Aniron’s power was up for grabs, if Vectrix could take it for himself then what was stopping them from acquiring it from him?

God slaughtered god, as each battled for the right to kill Vectrix and take their mothers power. The universe which Aniron had created was torn asunder as worlds were destroyed and stars extinguished. Finally, after eons of fighting only three gods remained.

Vectrix, Rindar and Esperin were the final gods left standing. Vectrix had not been idle during the war. In his hidden sanctuary of the world of Vectra the god had been busy using his mother’s power. He created the void, his own universe which housed beasts of his creation. Instead of being beautiful his creations were twisted and evil, his rage having corrupted his mother’s power. He used his monsters to enslave the other worlds until only Esperia remained.

Rindar and Esperin defended their mother’s world from their vile brother’s hoards but they were not strong enough to oppose him. The three gods battled in the skies of the world until Rindar was struck down. To stop Vectrix the god of Light came up with a plan.

“We must become one to defeat evil” he told his sister. Esperin was the goddess of darkness and despite her powers she was no match for Vectrix. She joined with Rindar, light and dark merged into one to become Chiaroscuro.

The new god battled Vectrix, wiping out his monsters and casting them into the universe between, the void. However, despite their combined might the new god could not destroy Vectrix. It was a stalemate.

To break the deadlock in their struggle the two gods met on Esperia. There they agreed to a challenge. Vectrix lent some of Aniron’s essence to Chiaroscuro.

“I will prove to you that my creations are worthy of life.” Vectrix said. “Use the power I granted you to see if you are worthy of this gift you seek. Seeing no other way to break the deadlock Chiaroscuro agreed.

Vectrix created the Necrist. Millions of the hideous creatures burst from the dead things of the world.

“I bring life from death” Vectrix boasted.

Chiaroscuro thought for a long time at what to make. Finally the god created something that combined the essence of both light and darkness. Man.

The first men were tall, strong and embued with power. To give their new creations the power to defeat the Necrist Chiaroscuro granted them some of its own power in the form of magic.

Man waged war with the Necrist. Using magic the first men destroyed the Necrist banishing the beasts to the Void. The war had taken a heavy toll on Chiaroscuro’s creation. Out of the millions that had been created only two men remained, Niveren and Danon. Niveren was the embodiment of Light whilst Danon was of the dark.

“We have won the challenge brother.” Chiaroscuro said. “Too much death has resulted from this war. Instead of killing you we will allow you to slink to your own creation and remain there till the end of time.”

And so it was that Vectrix was banished to the Void and Chiaroscuro became the one god of the universe.

Niveran and Danon

As reward for their victory against Vectrix the two men were showered with gifts from their god. The most important being the creation of women to keep them company and to ensure that Mankind would last. Niverin was given Esma as his wife whilst Danon was given Cliria.

A few years after the war the two men settled down. Niveren raised a family and prospered but to Danon’s dismay he remained fatherless. Cliria was sad that she was unable to have children, both of them prayed to god but no answer came to them. Niveren meanwhile had founded a city on the top of the mountain which Vectrix had snapped in two when he killed his mother. The city was named Sunguard and the children of Niveren prospered.

“Why have I been forsaken? Did I not fight as well as my brother?” Danon cried to the heavens. “Why has my brother been blessed and I have not!”

A woman appeared behind him. Her long dark hair snaked its way down her dark skinned body which glistened in the sunlight. Her eyes were black; no white could be seen at all. Danon felt fear and yet felt an affinity to her.

“Have no fear Danon, I am Esperin, the goddess of darkness.” She purred. “My brother does not know that I can separate myself from him. He has embraced the one God completely, I have not. There will always be a need for darkness. You are my champion Danon, the Champion of Darkness; I will grant you what you wish but only if you serve me in all things.”

Danon fell to his knees.

“I will serve you always.”

Sure enough Danon and Cliria had their first child, but to their horror it was not a child of beauty but a monstrosity. Darkness enveloped his family; they all grew bitter, twisted and angry at Niveren who continued to prosper at Sunguard. Esperin taught him the dark powers and gave him the knowledge of black magic.

The Goddess resented being trapped as Chiaroscuro, she planned that if she could show that darkness was stronger than light than the one god would have to break apart as before and she would be free once more.

Danon became a necromancer whilst Cliria became the first witch. Both of their powers were massive and their deeds were darker than their souls had become.

Danon and his malformed brood attacked Niveren and his family. Dark magic overpowered the light and once more war raged on Esperia.

The light side of Chiaroscuro realised what was happening, he couldn’t understand that somehow his dark aspect had freed itself. In his current form the one god was unable to bring balance to the world for he was not the embodiment of either power. The forces of Danon swept over the world until only Sunguard and Niveren remained.

Niveren appealed to his god but no answer came. He appealed to his brother to end the madness but was ignored.  In a bid to give the light a chance Chiaroscuro forged the sword Asphodel .

The power of the blade gave Niveren the power to drive off the darkness. In countless battles Niveren drove back the evil of his brother until at last he plunged the holy sword deep into Danon’s blackened heart. The light had won the day, Danon’s soul was cast into the darkest recesses of the world and the deceitful Esperin was forcibly rejoined with Chiaroscuro, never again would the dark god be free.

The first Niver men

After the war the sons of Niveren spread across the world of Esperia. Kingdoms were formed and cities built. Technology and science came into being as finally man was free to prosper. The danger from gods and evil had passed. Wars still occurred as the essence of man was still both light and dark but balance was restored.