Being A Fantasy Reader

In this guest post author and book lover, Claire Buss discusses being a reader of fantasy. Today is World Book Night. A perfect excuse to spend the evening curled up with your favourite book which is an easy ask for a book lover but what World Book Day really wants to do is encourage non-readers … Continue reading Being A Fantasy Reader

Writing Fantasy – Magic

If there is one thing that defines a book as part of the fantasy genre, it's probably the fact that it has magic in some form or another in it. From stories like Game of Thrones where magic is a very mysterious force to Mistborn where it is heavily explained magic is a key part … Continue reading Writing Fantasy – Magic

Writing Fantasy – Keeping it Real? Part 1 – Swords

Hi everyone, I thought I would start a new blog series about what I’ve learnt since I started writing fantasy novels. In this first part, I’ll be covering the issue of fantasy weaponry with a special focus on swords. In the Sundered Crown Saga and in other fantasy series, swords are typically the weapon of … Continue reading Writing Fantasy – Keeping it Real? Part 1 – Swords