The young King Alderlade has sat on the throne of Delfinnia for five years, but his reign has brought little peace. Tensions between magic wielders and normal folk are close to boiling point as Ricard of Champia, Alderlade’s scheming uncle plots to take the Sundered Crown for himself.

Luxon Edioz, the first wizard seen in the world for a century searches for his missing mother and the knowledge she carries regarding his family lineage. His journey takes him to the Great Plains and the fallen city of Stormglade. There he will learn that the Dark Lord Danon has not been idle since his defeat at Eclin. The ancient and evil N’gist cult has been reborn and with it, a new age of darkness threatens to engulf the world.

As the realm tears itself apart in the war for the Sundered Crown, Luxon and his allies, the Nightblade Ferran of BlackMoor, the Witch hunter Sophia Cunning and his loyal friend Yepert embark on a desperate quest for the clues needed to find the legendary blade Asphodel, the only weapon that can destroy Danon forever.

It will be a quest that will decide the fate of all.


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