Character Profiles HTTSC Part Seven – Accadus of Retbit

The second and youngest son of the baron of Retbit, Accadus was never intended to rule. A good job too as at a young age he began to show signs of possessing magic. Unknown to him he was the result of an illegitimate union between his father the Baron and a female mage who had been pressed into his rule. 

In tournaments, she had used her tricks to allow the baron to win, in diplomacy she had manipulated the baron’s foes.

The baron treated his son with disdain and Accadus grew bitter and cruel. Often, he would use his powers to harm those he disliked. One day he tried to hurt his elder brother, he was jealous of the heir to the lands of Retbit. Only his father’s intervention had stopped him from killing his half-sibling. The baron then knew that he could not control his youngest child.

Ashamed of his son, the Baron sent Accadus to Caldaria where he hoped that his son would learn to wield his powers and perhaps one day return to become an asset as his mother had been. The mage at first resisted her son being taken from her and so the baron had her exposed for what she was. Under the laws of Delfinnia, she was considered a danger, a heretic and as such, she paid the price with her life.

Upon arriving in Caldaria at the age of eleven Accadus quickly earned a reputation for being a bully and often used his powers to play cruel tricks on the other students. The schoolmasters saw potential in the boy, however, and kept him on. Threats from the baron of Retbit, now the most powerful baron in the kingdom also prevented the masters from expelling his son.

When news broke that the King had been assassinated Caldaria quickly recalled all mages and Nightblades back to the city. Without the King it was feared that the peoples of Delfinnia would turn on those magic users allowed in their midst; the distrust of their kind remained strong despite the Magic Wars end centuries previously. The concerns were warranted as even healers were targeted by mobs.

A few days after the news broke, a boy named Luxon arrived in the Mage city. Accadus soon learned that Luxon’s father had branded his own a liar over the events which had occurred in the capital and those which surrounded the murder of the King.

It didn’t take long for the two to become enemies. As the years passed, the two boys constantly clashed. At the start of Heir to the Sundered Crown, we meet Luxon as he tries to outwit Accadus.

It will prove to be a rivalry that will shape the world.

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What happens next is revealed in the Sundered Crown Saga.

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