Voyage for the Sundered Crown is out NOW!

Brace the Mainsail and prepare for adventure – Voyage for the Sundered Crown is out now!

I’m delighted to announce that Book 4 in the Sundered Crown Saga is out now! It’s been a few years since I last dived into this world and continued Luxon, Ferran and Sophia’s story. I hope you enjoy it and please post a review!

Get it for just 0.99p/c for a limited time only. As well as that Book 1 Heir to the Sundered Crown is also on sale for 0.99p/c so now is the perfect time to dive into the saga.

—The Kingdom of Delfinnia has fallen, but hope remains.
Sent on a daring voyage to seek out allies from across the sea the wizard, Luxon Edioz and his companions rediscover the continent of Tulin. A land that is full of dangers, magic, and adventure.

There, they will find new allies, new wonders, and new enemies. 

As Danon’s conquest draws closer to completion, Luxon must use all of his wits and powers to unite the peoples of Tulin and convince them to help him save his homeland.
It will be a voyage that will test him to his limits and one that will decide the fate of all.

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The First Fear and The Temple of Arrival are now Wide

Hi guys, so I’ve finally taken the plunge into the world of wide after my Empowered Ones series Amazon exclusivity ended. The First Fear and The Temple of Arrival are now available on Apple books, Nook, Kobo and many other retailers!

If you don’t own a Kindle, now is the time to pick up a copy and dive into the action packed fantasy adventure.

Get The First Fear on Amazon or other retailers

The Supreme rules the world.
For years beyond counting the people have lived in fear and served her will while she reigns with an iron fist. Her servants the Venerable Chamber and her feared Hollowed stalk the land hunting those who may have the Power to challenge her. The Empowered Ones.
Once, they defended the world from all terror using their abilities to harness emotions into supernatural abilities. Now only a few remain, but hope is not yet lost.
Elian, a young man living at the edge of the Imperium discovers he too possesses the Power with devastating consequences for both himself and the people he loves. Forced to flee from the Supreme’s most deadly agent The First Fear, Elian encounters a ragtag band of rebels known as the Liberators and a group of Gifted led by the charismatic Empowered One, Vavius who believes that the key to overthrowing the Supreme lies in the ruins of the ravaged lands of the once mighty Kingdom of Aeranyth.
Can Elian survive long enough to develop his newfound abilities and help them turn the tide against the Supreme or will he die trying?

Reviews for The First Fear

“Fans of Sanderson will love this one.” – The Bookwyrm speaks
“This was such a great book! LOVED it!!! Highly recommend!” – Amazon reviewer
“Really good ideas and a fun read!” – Amazon reviewer
“Amazing world building” – Amazon reviewer

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The Liberators defiant stand at the city of Asta has sparked the fires of resistance in the downtrodden people. Slaves, serfs and even members of the aristocracy have risen against the regime and flock to the Liberator banner.
As conflict spreads across the world, the Supreme’s gaze is fixated on Elian more than ever. Reeling from his mentor’s betrayal and battle with the First Fear he is hunted relentlessly by Hollowed and Venerable Chamber Seekers.
The only person who can help Elian is a mysterious Empowered One–who he’s not even sure he can trust. Terrible secrets await. Secrets about himself. Secrets that could herald the end of all things.

Temple of Arrival is the second book in the exciting Empowered Ones fantasy series. If you like action, sprawling battlefields, and power enhanced heroes, then you’ll love this series.

-Reviews for Temple of Arrival-
‘The Temple of Arrival is a fantastic sequel to The First Fear. From the opening chapter, we’re thrown right back into the action as Elian and the Liberators, along with their Gifted allies, battle the forces of the Supreme.

‘Just like the first book, the action sequences were gripping as were the plot twists. We learned a lot more about the origins of the Power which really set the scene for the dramatic closing chapters.’

‘If you’re a fan of well written fantasy with interesting characters and settings, then check both of these books out.’

‘A very strong sequel to the first novel which grips the reader from the outset. Usually the second book in a series is weaker than the first – however I would go as far as to say that this one is even better than the first novel.’

‘Matthew’s ability to world-build is amazing and you can see all of the different literary and fantasy elements in this book – coupled with his capacity to shock the reader and provide plot twists at every turn.’

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The Summer Sale Begins!

The Summer is finally here and like every year it’s time for my Summer Sale! To start things off we have Heir to the Sundered Crown, Book 1 in the Sundered Crown Saga. What better way to start the summer than to start a new epic adventure! Get it for just 0.99p/c until June 8th perfect timing if you’re taking part in this years IFA summer reading challenge.

The Sundered Crown Saga (1)

Get Heir to the Sundered Crown on Amazon or other retailers.


Why I’ve gone back to KDP Select

So, a few months back I launched an experiment with my books by going wide with their distribution. Now that experiment is over and I will be going back to KDP Select exclusivity for all of my titles.

You may think that having my books available on every format under the sun would prove to be more profitable in the long run, in reality however it turned out that I was actually missing out on income I could have been making with KDP.

After going through my reports, it was clear that Amazon Kindle was where 90% of all my sales come from and hence 90% of my author income to boot.

To go wide I used Draft2Digital, a service that made distribution onto Kobo, Nook etc extremely easy and their support team was really great and I cannot fault them.

A no brainer

The real revelation for me came when I managed to land an international BookBub promotion for Terran Defenders: Genesis. The book was wide and I was expecting it to sell well on all channels and not just Amazon. Well, it did sell but when I compared the wide figures with Amazon’s there was a clear winner. Amazon Kindle sales were 10x higher than those on all the other sales channels put together.

As part of the experiment I put each of the Sundered Crown books into wider distribution but after multiple plugs via social channels and my newsletter not 1 of those books has sold on Nook, Kobo etc. Prior to this each book had been a part of KDP Select and even though sales were not great I was still able to make income from lends and page reads.

I apologise

So here I am apologising to my readers who do prefer Kobos and Nooks over Kindles. I hope you understand that aside from loving what I do this is also a side income too. Indy publishing is a business, albeit a one-man band most of the time and I am afraid finances do come into play when it comes to decisions.

Fortunately, there are plenty of apps out there that allow you to read kindle books on other platforms so I hope that this won’t deter your reading of my works too much.

So just to be clear-

Heir to the Sundered Crown

War for the Sundered Crown

Quest for the Sundered Crown

Are all back to being KDP Select exclusives along with The First Fear, Nightblade and Unconquered Blood of Kings

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May Update – Sundered Crown Saga now wide

Hi, everyone, it’s a been a few weeks since my last post on the website so I thought I’d just post a bit of an update on what’s been occurring.

Mostly I’ve been revising and polishing The First Fear ahead of its release on June 22nd as well as working on Book 4 of the Sundered Crown Saga.

You asked I delivered…(finally)

Since the release of Heir to the Sundered Crown back in 2014, I’ve had a few of you contacting me asking when it and the other books in the series would become available on E-readers other than Amazon Kindle. Well, after much thought I decided to pull them out of Kindle Unlimited which forces them to be Amazon exclusives and have made them available to buy on Apple, Nook, Kobo and other outlets!

Here are the links –

Heir to the Sundered Crown –

War for the Sundered Crown –

Quest for the Sundered Crown –

The First Fear

 So, my new book is coming out in June and as an incentive to get you lovely people to buy a copy you can pre-order for the special low price of just 99p/c. Once it’s out the price will rise so you’d be silly not to take advantage of this great offer.

For a preview, you can read the first five chapters by clicking –

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In Need of Assistance?

Also, I’ve started offering my services and the skills I’ve attained being an Indy author to those who need assistance with their books. If you’re in need of formatting, cover design/resizing and editing services then please check me out or Fiverr or my services website.

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