Batman vs Superman Review

I don’t tend to do reviews unless it’s for a movie that I’ve been really looking forward to. In the case of Batman vs Superman, however, this wasn’t the case. I was no fan of Man of Steel, but after seeing all of the hate being thrown at this new movie I had to see if it really was as bad as the critics were saying.

All I can say is that this movie is by no means great, but it’s also nowhere near as terrible as it’s being made out to be. In fact, I have to say that I actually enjoyed the movie. Critics have been slamming the storyline, (it doesn’t  deserve any awards that’s for sure), but it was pretty easy to follow. One of the main complaints was that this movie doesn’t make sense, I have to disagree (except for one scene that I won’t spoil) the plot was pretty easy to follow. My main complaint of the story is that some aspects weren’t very well explained in the rush to set up the next action scenes and the Lois Lane character was definitely underused (needing to be rescued 3 times…really?)  Not quite sure why the critics have been so negative about it, I thought it was a pretty solid movie that did well to set up things to come. I think now that this movie is out of the way and the foundation is set the DC universe could do well.

The action scenes and special effects were pretty great albeit a bit short and rushed. The titular smackdown between Batman and Superman lasts about ten minutes if that! Naturally our heroes set aside their differences to take on Lex Luthor.  The critics have crucified Jesse Eisenberg for his take on the character, but again I have to disagree with that. I thought that Lex was a pretty solid villain, a rich kid with severe parenting issues and a strange obsession with man killing god. The way he sets the two heroes against each other worked well and despite looking a bit too young he managed to get across a sense of maniacal menace.


Ben Afflecks Batman was a brutal take on the character, a man who has been fighting crime for 20 years and who has suffered a lot. I liked this take on the Bat and the movie hinted at some pretty interesting plotlines for possible future movies. Wonder Woman, however, in my opinion, steals the show near the end. She’s a mysterious character who it is revealed has lived for a really really long time.

Overall I’m not quite sure why the critics have been so negative about it, I thought it was a pretty solid movie that did well to set up things to come. I think if they use a bit more humour and maybe a brighter colour palette in the next movies (missed opportunities such as taking the mick out of Batman in the end fight,or Lois being a bit worried about Wonder Women) they can pull this off and make them just as enjoyable as the Marvel ones.

My score – 7/10