Nano Wrimo Update – It’s going well….so far

Seven days in and things are going well. I’ve written myself into a corner a few times but have gotten the characters out of their predicaments. I’m currently ahead with 17,000 words written, at this rate the NanoWrimo site says I will be done before the deadline but as I have learnt from previous Nano … Continue reading Nano Wrimo Update – It’s going well….so far


Busy Week Ahead

Argh Nano Wrimo begins on Saturday! Also the Definitive version of Heir to the Sundered Crown is released as well. Don't forget that on Friday HTTSC standard edition will be on sale at just 99p in the UK and 99 cents in the USA. aaaand (deep breath) Unconquered Blood of Kings will be free to … Continue reading Busy Week Ahead